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Business Influencers: How to Find Them

Business influencers have cultivated a specific audience and this gives them the ability to affect the purchase decisions of others. They can be used by businesses, even small businesses, to promote a profit or a service.

If your goal is to keep costs down and still get the word out, third-party influencers not connected to your brand maybe your best option. Finding them is not always that easy. Here are some ways to go about finding influencers who are best suited to your business.

Social media influencers – can they really help?

Working with an influencer is rather like having a friend who connects your brand with your target audience. Social media influencers often have large followings on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Tumblr.

They have built up their followings organically and followers trust their recommendations. Influencers won’t just promote any product or service. You may be able to get an influencer to promote your product or service for free if it’s a really good fit for their followers.

Find influencers with the right audience

Many brands go wrong by using the wrong influencer for their target audiences. If you’re a beauty brand, you don’t just have to look for beauty bloggers but for those who have the right target audience. If you’re selling beauty products for older women, it doesn’t help to work with an influencer who has an audience of millennials.

Use hashtags and key search terms

When it comes to finding the right social media business influencers, the best free way to do it is to use key search terms and related hashtags to find people in your industry. You can establish a relationship with them by sharing their content and leaving them comments.

Build Instagram followers

Make sure to post consistently, engage with fans and use tools to track engagement and schedule posts. Nowadays, you need to have a decent number of followers or you lose credibility, even if you have a great product.

People want social proof today. With more followers, you can turn your new connections into paid partnerships and gigs to get more sales.

Use influencer marketing platforms

Influencer marketing platforms can help you find suitable influencers quickly. Search their database of influencers and filter by various factors such as reach, category, engagement etc. You can reach out to influencers and also run, track and measure your campaigns.

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with social media business influencers can lead to very successful campaigns. Establishing long-term relationships with business influencers offers the best results. If they have a relationship with your brand, they will be more invested in a campaign.

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