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Author's profile photo Ugur Hasdemir

Statistical sales condition in Account Based COPA

As mentioned in my previous post about Finance in S/4HANA 1809 I mentioned the release of statistical sales conditions in Account Based COPA. As many of you probably know, reporting on statistical conditions was one of the final gaps between costing based and account based COPA. With release 1809 this functionality is included, making account based COPA even better.

Configuration Steps

First of all, the extension ledger and the ledger group to post the statistical values should be configured first.

Activating processing of statistical conditions:

Activate Processing for statistical sales conditions

Configure statistical sales condition in the pricing procedure. Make sure to check the statistical and relevant for accounting indicators:

Assign an account key and configure the account determination in VKOA:

Now you should be ready to work with statistical sales conditions in accounting. Keep in mind that the posting is done only during invoicing.

Creating and invoicing Sales Order with statistical condition

Posting during Goods Issue. Nothing unusual.

Posting during Invoicing. You notice a second accounting document posted on Extension Ledger 0C.

This is the provision posting for warranty costs coming from the statistical sales condition.

Usual revenue posting on the leading ledger:

Overview of the accounting entries:

Key takeaways

  • Statistical condition values are posted during invoicing. If you also have accounting entries for incoming sales order active (read here in my previous blog), you wont see the statistical condition values until you post the invoice.
  • Entries are statistical, they will only show up in reports and apps if you select the appendix ledger.
  • The provision side of the posting (balance sheet) will carry the material as dimension but not the sales order (see printscreen of Sales Order – Actuals App)

I think the addition of this functionality to account based profitability analysis is a reveal for customers who cannot switch completely to account based profitability analysis, because they are working with statistical conditions in sales and report on those in COPA reports.

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      Author's profile photo Accenture Support Team
      Accenture Support Team

      Thank you Ugar for the knowledge sharing.



      Sunil kumar

      Author's profile photo Felix Konnerth
      Felix Konnerth

      Thank you for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Raja Sekhar Andey
      Raja Sekhar Andey

      Good One.

      Author's profile photo Suresh Chilukuri
      Suresh Chilukuri

      Really useful. Can you advise if any report in FIORI is available that we can see the documents that are generated / posted for statistical condition types under extension ledger.

      Author's profile photo Tuan Truong
      Tuan Truong

      Hi Suri Ch,


      it’s Sales Orders Actuals app'F1582B')/S18OP

      Author's profile photo Robert Gompper
      Robert Gompper

      Dear Mr. Tuan Truong,

      how did you manage to change the ledger from standard ledger 0L to extension ledger 0C in fiori app F1582B?


      As Mr. Ugur Hasdemir pointed out in his post:

      Key takeaways

      • Entries are statistical, they will only show up in reports and apps if you select the appendix ledger.

      Best regards

      Robert Gompper

      Author's profile photo Joachim Nerreter
      Joachim Nerreter

      *** maybe solved: the document is not visible in KE24N, but the characteristics are populated in table ACDOCA in the extension ledger. SAP help states "Any analytical app using journal entries can use data from the extension ledger. " So maybe characteristics can be analyzed there. Thank you


      Hello Ugur,

      Thank you for the post.

      We have set up the same and I can see the document posted to the extension ledger, very similar to yours. As this is COPA I would have expected to see the object type PSG within the document. Additionally I cannot find the posting in KE24N. This means I have don’t have any characteristics associated for COPA analysis, correct? Please explain. Thank you.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Karl Sengstbratl
      Karl Sengstbratl

      Hello Ugur,

      we defined a statistical sales condition for freight costs.

      The correct amount out of the pricing schema is reflected in the predictive ledger.

      When we receive now the real freight invoice, do we have to reverse the statistical sales condition posting manually within the predictive ledger or is there an automatic routine possible?

      If we combine the Leading Ledger and the Predictive Ledger we would like to show the correct freight cost

      a) as long as the freight invoice isn't there the statistical posting

      b) as soon as the freight invoice is there the actual posting and not the statistical anymore.

      Many thanks for your input and help.



      Author's profile photo Jin tao Dong
      Jin tao Dong

      Excuse me, I went through your process, but the accounting entries did not reflect it, did I miss any details? This is very important to me, please help me if you have time