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Author's profile photo Hristina Raykova

SAP PI B2B Add-on OFTP Adapter is Odette certified

I am more than happy to announce that the OFTP Adapter as part of SAP Process Integration Business-to-Business Add-on 1.0 SP05 onwards is now certified by Odette International.


Why is Odette OFTP certification important?

The Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP2) has become the file transfer method of choice for European automotive companies and it is certainly one of the key functionalities in terms of communication protocols. Therefore, Odette International has established an interoperability testing service to ensure that the different software products fully meet the OFTP2 specification (RFC5024) and can communicate successfully with each other. During the certification the product is tested and fully checked for:

  • OFTP2 compliance and interoperability
  • Secure handling of confidential transmissions
  • Management of files of various format and size
  • Employment of digital signature, compression and encryption

SAP PI B2B Add-on OFTP Adapter completed all the tests defined by the OFTP interoperability testing service successfully. We can assure our customers that the adapter fully meets the OFTP2 specification.

The Odette International listing of certified OFTP2 products can be seen here:


OFTP Adapter at a glance

OFTP adapter has been designed as an integrated SAP PI adapter and developed for direct integration in the SAP Adapter Framework. Using OFTP adapter, it is possible for all incoming and outgoing OFTP messages to make optimal use of the extensive monitoring and alerting functionalities of the central process integration platform.

OFTP2 Adapter gives our customers the following major advantages:

  • Supported OFTP versions: OFTP1.4 and 2.0
  • Transport protocols: TCP/IP,  ISDN (X.25) for transport via RCAPI & Funkwerk ISDN Routers
  • Authentication: Via cryptographic handshake or against the Odette trusted services list
  • Encryption: SSL encryption of the transport layer with client authentication. CMS encryption, signing and compression of the messages
  • Acknowledgements: End to end responses (optionally signed)
  • Automatic exchange of certificates with partners
  • Character set conversion
  • Support of dynamic attributes: Odette IDs, Virtual Dataset Filename, etc.
  • Archiving: Incoming or outgoing messages, acknowledgements and error messages can be archived before or after encryption / decryption
  • Support of SHA-2 algorithms for inbound transmissions
  • SOCKs and HTTP proxy support
  • Buffer Compression


Further readings

For a complete overview of all B2B Add-on features and related blogs, see:

Stay tuned for further blog posts that introduce new features of PI B2B Add-on in detail.


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      Author's profile photo Ravi Carpenter
      Ravi Carpenter

      Thanks Hristina for the information and update.

      Author's profile photo Bruno Ceolin
      Bruno Ceolin


      Any plans to have it in CPI?


      Author's profile photo Robert Fels
      Robert Fels

      Not planned at the moment

      Author's profile photo David King
      David King


      Are there any how-to guides on an OFTP2 scenario in PI?

      I am struggling with an interface - mainly around certificates. I am getting the below error:

      Error during OFTP Session: Could not connect. Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier, cause: Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

      I have followed the below blogs (albeit old), with no success.

      For 'OdetteCertificateExchangeProvider' do I create my certicate keys as per the blog or do i get them from Odette website or elsewhere?

      as using SSL, Initially i created the key for 'own keys' from the (part of the key chain) 'odette' root and intermediate as described in the blog. Storing the private key in our application and sharing the public key with our partner.

      In 'partner keys' view I saved the partners public key.

      Any help/guidance would be very much appreciated.