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QM Open Notice – #2 – SPCO status and QALS table relation

QM Open Notice

QM Open Notice is a blog post series about topics, which can be useful when working with Quality Management.


Current blog post is about the relation between the status SPCO (Stock posting completed) of an inspection lot and table QALS.

In detail

After complete stock posting for an inspection lot – for example via transaction QA11 or QA12 – the status SPCO (I0220 – Stock posting completed) is activated for the inspection lot object. It can be seen in table JEST via transaction SE16 using the object number (QALS-OBJNR) of the inspection lot.

The fact of completely posting the stock for the lot is stored in table QALS also, in field QALS-STAT34. ‘QALS-STAT34 = X’ means that the inspection lot has no more quantity to be posted; QALS-LMENGEZUB (Quantity That Must Be Posted) is normally zero in this case.

Known problem & solution

Sometimes the flag QALS-STAT34 is not set, even the system status ‘SPCO’ is active for the lot and quantity to be posted equals zero (QALS-LMENGEZUB). Following SAP Note provides a correction report for this type of inconsistency:

321012 – ‘Insp. lot:inconsistency between lot & status managt’

Feel free to share your experience/feedback in the Comment Section. Thank you.

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