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Why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud? And Why Now?

At SAP’s 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW event, we announced the next generation of data management: SAP HANA Cloud Services. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is one of the flagship products in the SAP HANA Cloud Services suite. Other solutions include SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BW/4 HANA data warehouse solution continues to help businesses make greater sense of their enormous amounts of data. However, with the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage, it’s getting more and more challenging to manage the volume and velocity at which data gets recorded into modern databases. This is we’re developing SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – to provide all enterprises with an ultimate decision-making tool that’s easily accessible to all employees, in the cloud.


End-to-end decision making: one solution for data management and analysis

Many customers have told us that they are looking for a fully comprehensive data management and analytics environment. Why? Other solutions require users to manage many moving parts and learn separate applications for different elements of data management and analytics. Not only does this disconnect cause costs to stack up, but employees end up spending endless hours figuring out how to integrate different products and learn different user interfaces.

Unlike other cloud data warehouses, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers you the choice to extract, load, and transform (ELT) right within the product, saving you time, hassle, and money. In addition, Data Warehouse Cloud provides you with a business semantic layer to make your information instantly understandable by our native analytics capabilities. Now, any employee can easily connect to data from different sources, explore analytical scenarios, test ideas, and bring your enterprise significantly more value.


Data accuracy: it matters now more than ever

One of the biggest challenges faced by the modern business today is data sprawl. With the rise of big data, the sheer volume of information recorded by your enterprise can be overwhelming for both IT and business teams. Previously, it was the role of your IT employees to offload data from the central system into a local one – loading it into an analytics tool while maintaining data quality and accuracy. It’s a never-ending battle that consumes time and resources from boot-strapped IT teams who are doing their best to support the business.

After numerous conversations and workshops to better understand the needs of our customers, we set out to fix this problem with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The solution provides consolidated access to all your available data in one intuitive and seamless user interface. With minimal IT intervention, analysts and line of business end-users can trust their data to make better decisions.


Deployment and maintenance: does it have to cost so much?

Our answer is no. Traditional data warehouse solutions require a heavy investment up front. And these costs add up quickly: hardware, software, employee training, not to mention continuous maintenance after deployment. Plus, you have to predict, early on, how much storage and processing power you will need. It may seem counter-intuitive, but in the best-case scenario – you pay for more than you actually use. The worst-case scenario? You scramble at the last minute to add hardware and additional computing resources, which may take time to secure, and will most certainly drive up your costs.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solves all of these cost-related issues. There’s no need to make decisions up front or worry about how much storage and compute resources you will need. You can start small and grow your solution according to the needs of your business. With the separation of storage and computing capabilities, you can add more storage and reallocate computing power between different projects. Machine learning algorithms will even suggest the best and cheapest options for your business moving forward.

Sign up for the free trial to try SAP Data Warehouse Cloud today.

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