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Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics #ASUG Webcast Recap

This was an ASUG webcast last week with Christina Obry of SAP.  Special thanks to her for this webcast plus thanks to Sofiya Muzychko for answering questions and our ASUG/SAP point of contact Ingo Hilgefort for setting up these webcasts for ASUG.

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Source: SAP


Source: SAP

What may be shown may not be available to you


Source: SAP

Filter, related to time, usability improvements on dynamic time filter

More convenient ways to create filters

Story, page filters, calculated measures

Can create offset filters


Source: SAP

Ability to export to Excel; already have export to CSV

From table, export to Excel


Source: SAP

Cross calculations – apply on measures in Chart/tables

Can use Currency conversion models


Source: SAP

Enhanced linked analysis, made it simpler, align with group filters

Button is no longer in toolbar; not a regression but an improvement


Source: SAP

Variance as data label

Brought feature into more charts


Source: SAP

Prevent viewers from removing non-modifiable story filters


Source: SAP

Design story to the power you are interested

Give end users picture of filters applied – for story and page filters

Can be used for hierarchies

Blog is planned soon


Source: SAP

Ability to choose what look at and display

Show relation

Choose numeric or percentage

Show summation


Source: SAP

Prioritize front bar labels for consistent look and feel


Source: SAP

Stacked bar without dimension axis; easier to compare dimensions across measures


Source: SAP

Explorer in embed mode


Source: SAP

There to recognize crucial points in data discovery

New experience for search to insight

Easy way to ask question

Can launch search to insight from home page

Will search for all models


Source: SAP

Ability to launch smart insight from a cell in a table


Source: SAP

For an acquired data model


Source: SAP

Mobile app now supports more languages


Source: SAP

Closing the gap with BW live models

Search to insight

Opt in to index those live models

More blending support


Source: SAP

Currency conversion, sort measure values, improved linked analysis support


Source: SAP

Continuously work on improving performance


Source: SAP

Delay loading of inactive members to improve performance


Source: SAP

Performance improvements covered above


Source: SAP

Geo map with bubbles – reduced the amount of queries if clustering is enabled

Replay link is here.


  • Agenda- 2:50
  • BI Core Features- 4:15
  • Usability and Productivity- 7:10
  • Flexible Formatting- 9:36
  • Smart Assist- 14:45
  • Mobile- 16:55
  • Enable Remote Sources & Model Support- 17:20
  • Performance- 20:25
  • Demo- 23:25
  • Q&A- 44:13


When will it be possible to do a full outer join when combining data sets? Right now only left and inner joins are possible for some reason

blending – ability to choose all data as well

I noticed if we have data access control enabled the search to insight will not work?

correct; on plan to address

Geomapping using Public dimensions?


Q&A during webcast:

Question Answer
Hi, quick question regards to showing total in Donut Chart. I can not find Total in Show/Hide tab. How can I make them appear? Do I need to calculate them first to make them appear? Note that this is a feature introduced in the recent waves – the feature will be available on your system with Q3 update
Is it possible to rearrange the order of measures in table ? Please see
arranging characteristic is possible but what about key figures/measures? It’s not allowing in current version What is your data source? It is available for HANA Live now.
It’s excel file We are looking at improving our tables, including sorting functionality. Please see product roadmap at for more details.
When will the Android version of the SAC app will be available ? see product plan – doing some beta
With the date offsets, are we able to get flexible offsets, say for example, most recently completed week.. or most recently completed month.. offsets are static
Can a end user create a dashboard or is a developer needed ? end user can do it as wee
Is Dynamic Time available in Data Actions (advanced formulas)? Planning – look there
Authorizations in BI will apply in SAC charts as well? for live, yes
Do we have excel export capabilities specially for Cross tab tables yes
When will it be possible to do a full outer join when combining data sets? Right now only left and inner joins are possible for some reason blending – ability to choose all data as well
when will the smart features be available for Live connection? See this documentation for limitations
Use SAC Help for further information
Does Dynamic Time Filter available to Live HANA Connections (1.0 SPS 12)? Dynamic time filters are available for HANA, see system requirements details here
Can we also prevent users from removing Chart/Table filters? That is covered later in the slides – thank you for attending.
For Layered bars can we choose which measure value to be displayed as ‘Data labels’? data label – can prioritize
How can the date dynamic filter be applied for yesterday? if model is day granularity, do offset of 1 day…other options as well
Is there any plan to increase the 100 column limitation of a model using import approach? plans of increase; check the road map
When will by possible the training the natural language function with our own syntax and when will it available for german. both things are on the road map
Can we do exception aggregation? Please see
can we show BW Hierarchies? Please see this blog:
Can we create time dependent hierarchy see slide 53 here –, Checklisten zu verschiedenen Themen/SAP Analytics Cloud/SAP Analytics Innovationen Herbst 2018.pdf
I noticed if we have data access control enabled the search to insight will not work? correct; on plan to address
Is Blending for BW Live models possible in the new version or is it on for import data models?

BW live to live, bw to acquired, some limitations to BW version

See this note for further info on system requirements

IS smart assist or smart predict available in SAC customers in the NEO client environment? Smart Predict is only available in SAC clients on Cloud Foundry
what is the name of the ios sac app

App store, search for SAP Analytics Cloud

See this

Is the new SAP business warehouse cloud product planned to be released this year and connect natively to sap analytics cloud? we have an upcoming webinar on this too
linked dimensions – when will geo enriched dimensions allow linked dimensions to leverage them for their metrics would strongly advice to submit your use case and the desired behaviour to the influence portal
Can we publish the report to users thru email bursting planned…
Will it be possible to choose fiscal year starting with a day grannularity? ability to set up – not planning expert….
Is it possible to add drop down menu as input control in a story? See her demo; also in Analytics Designer
Is SAC having anytime line for bursting of reports and distribution with scheduling. You can check out the APOS product:
Thank you. We are using APOS, but we are not able to use it fully. Some other programming is being done by IT. However , even though we bought APOS few months back still we are not ther. If APOS will take responsiblity of setup for bursting and scheduling , it will be good. Will SAC have this ability atleast 6 months from now. do have scheduling – plan
Q&A after the webcast:

Q: When can we expect that Live connection to SQL servers will be available?

[CO] For Roadmap questions please review the product plan. Alternatively this may be done today already through partners.

Q: Thank you when checked Time enriched Dimensions requires deploying a new package download but that is compatible only from HANA 2.0. Please refer to I have SCP HANA 1.0 SPS12. What would be the workaround for my case?

[CO] In HANA you could build a Level based hierarchy where each level is time based. The format for the levels would have to be

Year – YYYY

Quarter – YYYYQ



Q: Is the Smart Insights also in German available

[CO] Yes Smart Insight is available in German as well

Q: like currency conversion, unit conversion is also supported?

[CO] While one can assign units to measures unit conversion is not support at this point

Q: When adding a cross calculation input control, I noticed we cannot use a measure input control as well. Will that be addressed?

[CO] Using a measure input control to drive the measure list and at the same time using a cross calculation input control, should work today. We may have to look at the specific use case

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