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Author's profile photo Steffen Ulmer

SAP MDG Mass Processing – Extend feature “_ACTION_CODE”


With SAP MDG 9.1, respectively MDG on S/4 Hana 1709 “SAP Master Data Governance – Mass Processing” was introduced to support effective mass change process enabling master data stewards to perform bulk changes in business partner, customer, supplier, and product data. The function is documented in the SAP official help.

With SAP MDG mass processing you can change existing objects, but you can also “extend” existing objects. “Extend” in this context means that you can for instance open existing materials/products on new/additional plants or sales orgs. This is also possible for Business Partner.

A simple way is to prepare the data in an Excel file and upload the file into the source table for further processing in a mass processing process. Its important to know that you can add an additional column into your excel file to define the function for the corresponding line. The key word for the column is “_ACTION_CODE” and the value per line “I” for Insert and “C” for Copy.
Below you will find more details and the steps which you need to do to use the feature.



“How To… Extend products by new plants using SAP MDG Mass Processing”

Goal of the demo:

Use MDG Mass Processing to extend 2 products by one plant each.

1. Download the products into Excel with the app “Export Master Data”

In this app you will define the scope (which information will be downloaded per product) and you select the products by a selection criteria. The result is a excel file which can be downloaded to your local OS. The file is like a template for later usage in the mass processing process.

In this app you will define the scope (which information will be downloaded per product) and you select the products by a selection criteria. The result is a excel file which can be downloaded to your local OS. The file is like a template for later usage in the mass processing process.

Info: With these settings I will export data for 2 products.

2. Prepare Data:

Open the Excel, review it and add the new column in tab “MARC”. The column is the header “_ACTION_CODE”

Background: In this example the product 24 will extended by plant 0002 and product 25 by plant 0001. You can even use the action code with a value “C” to copy plants. The syntax’s would be:

Info: System will extend product 24 with plant 0002 and will copy all values from plant 0001 of the same product.

Save the excel file to your local OS.

3. Prepare Process

Prepare the mass processing by starting the app “Manage Mass Processes”

Click on Create Process and define the import file:

By clicking on SAVE the system will import the data from the excel into the source tables


4. Start mass processing and continue

Finally, you will start the mass processing and the system will inform you by the blue color that you will insert new data to existing records.

Edit Record view:

At the end of the mass processing process the system will validate and activate the data.

5. Review the changes in the system

To make sure that everything worked you can use various apps to review the new data in the system. The screenshot shows the technical view on DB level.


Additional info

More Action Codes available

You can also use Action Code “D” for Deletion. e.g. in case you want to delete an Identification number you can use “_ACTION_CODE” = “D” in the BUT0ID tab the excel.

If you are using an excel with only one tab ( see templates which you can download) you can specify which content to be Insert/Copy/Delete with the following syntax: “BUT0ID-ACTION_CODE” in the Header Line and the action below. In the following example it would delete the Identification Type HCM001 with ID 1214T019129_22_XE

(Special thanks to Christina Lindner)

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      Author's profile photo Michael Veth
      Michael Veth

      Thanks Steffen!

      Nice feature, which will cover lots of use cases for our MDG customers!

      Author's profile photo Andreas Seifried
      Andreas Seifried

      Thanks for another nice how-to that illustrates and augments our product documentation. Good job!

      Author's profile photo venu gopal
      venu gopal

      Thanks for sharing good document

      Author's profile photo RAJU ALANKAR

      Good content, Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Sanjay Shah
      Sanjay Shah

      Hi Steffen

      Really nice but it seems fiori app exists from S/4 HANA 1809 and above and unable to find under

      S/4 HANA 1709.

      Can you please confirm as as per SAP Fiori library also app Export Master Data only available from

      1809 and above.?

      Author's profile photo Steffen Ulmer
      Steffen Ulmer
      Blog Post Author

      Yes. I have done that part on 1809; not 1709. Details regarding availability can be found in the official help pages...

      Author's profile photo Yugesh Adalam
      Yugesh Adalam

      Hi Steffen,

      In our S/4 HANA 1909 system, we have enabled the Export Master Data Fiori app and trying to export the master data for a selected field ( Material Group in our case). After clicking on Export, we are getting the below screen but nothing thereafter. We have followed all the necessary steps as per the standard document.

      Kindly let me know if we have missed any step while configuration.


      Thank you,

      Yugesh A


      Author's profile photo ChangHong Chon
      ChangHong Chon

      Nice Posting.

      We can add many bank accounts to bp by this feature.

      Author's profile photo Rashmita Parida
      Rashmita Parida

      Hello Steffen,

      At the end of Import Consolidation (Activation successful) while exporting data into excel, system excludes the material number. Please can you suggest how to export material number along with Product Description. Do we need any customizing or parameter setup.


      Thanks & Regards,



      Author's profile photo Guna Subramanian
      Guna Subramanian

      Hi Steffen, Is there an action code for change / update existing data?

      Author's profile photo Michael Veth
      Michael Veth

      Hi Guna,

      if you keep the action code empty, this will implicitly update the data for the corresponding row.


      BTW: There is a more complex scenario possible using a special syntax in the file. See


      Author's profile photo Praveen Ammanabrolu
      Praveen Ammanabrolu

      Hi Steffan,

      Thank you so much for the detailed process document. Along with the action code , we also have "_Comment" field. Can you please let us know the use of this field.



      Author's profile photo Christina Lindner
      Christina Lindner

      Good morning Praveen,


      when you unhide the "! Read Me !" Tab in excel the functionality for _COMMENT is described as follows:

      Any content in column _COMMENT specifies the entire line to be ignored during upload procedure.
      Hide or delete all rows having content in column _COMMENT before uploading into lower releases.
      Before deleting column _COMMENT you must delete all rows exhibiting content in this column.
      To use the column _COMMENT it must be the first column in a worksheet.


      I hope this helps.


      Have a nice day,


      Author's profile photo Praveen Ammanabrolu
      Praveen Ammanabrolu

      Thank you so much Christina. It helps.

      We have so many mass processes running in our system, our business is unable to track the reason for these changes. So is there any placeholder to store the reason to start the mass processing (like the reason in the CR or notes etc), so that it can reviewed/audited later.



      Author's profile photo Christina Lindner
      Christina Lindner

      Hi Praveen,

      When creating a "Mass Process" there is the Description field. Maybe this field can be used to mention why the Mass Change is created.

      Those descriptions remain also after activation of the process. (if the process is not deleted)

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Sri Harsha Vadathya
      Sri Harsha Vadathya


      What is the exact difference between Copy and Insert.

      would Copy enable all the fields under plant to be copied to new plant without any requirement of details in the sheet?


      Author's profile photo Samyak Jain
      Samyak Jain


      in order to delete any data, we are trying to Action code as 'D' for sap standard tables (MARM/MAKT), still rows are not getting deleted. any custom logic would be required  here?

      Deletion is not working in S4 as well in R3

      Tried with direct Activation  as well as via MDG CR

      We have also set the settings in MDCIM as " NO restriction"

      Thanks in Advance