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Transforming SAP process notifications

SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA generate many process notifications using a variety of techniques.

Often the resulting emails are quite plain or difficult to maintain, or both. You can transform many types of process notification using Floe, such as:

  • SAP workflow notification
  • Business event notification
  • Fiori app notification

1) SAP Workflow

Many automated processes are managed using SAP Workflow, which includes its own email templates that require HTML development.  With Floe you can replace SAP Workflow notification emails with task-specific engaging emails quickly and easily.

Typically these emails inform users that a task needs to be completed.

2) Business event notification

Instead of using a workflow trigger, processes and notifications can be triggered using business events. For example, a notification can be triggered when key master data fields are updated, such as customer credit limit or cost center owner.

Typically these emails inform users that something has already happened.

3) Fiori app notification

Where custom apps do not rely on SAP workflow the notifications may be required, either to inform users that they have a task to complete, or that an update has occurred.

Stelo provides a framework for Fiori processes with pre-delivered integration to Floe for such notifications.


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