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Author's profile photo Kesava Mullati

New Features in SAP FIORI Role Management Analysis (Gateway System EHP8)

This Blog Post Provide Information on new features in SAP FIORI role management analysis with the latest enhancement pack 8.

Overview and Problem:

While working on SAP gateway post upgrade activities, I came across the new functionalities that helps to answer the below question.

How do we know PFCG role for a catalog ID in FIORI role?

How to do a mass update of application groups in PFCG roles menu?

How do we search a startable application in a role? And so on.


1. Search for Application in Role menu:

This new functionality in SUIM allows to search the roles with SAP FIORI catalogs and groups. This report is useful in front and back-end systems. you can use this report to get better insight if you are working on incidents or defects or if you want to get an overview about an implemented role concept.

Fig 1: SUIM Screen


Fig 2: Select SAP FIORI Tile Catalog

Fig 3: List of applications in a role menu



2. Search for Startable applications in roles:

This functionality in SUIM report “Search for Startable Applications in Roles” helps you to determine whether the applications contained in PFCG roles are startable

Fig 4: SUIM screen

Fig 5: Select SAP Gateway Business Suite Enablement – Service


Fig 6: List of Strartable applications in roles

  • Column ” Menu Option” represents applications which will be started with support of a start authorization object like S_TCODE, S_START, S_SERVICE or S_RFC.
  • Column ” Application is contained in authorization provides executable authorization available in PFCG tab page ” Authorization”. These entries could be others than currently be generated in the appropriate PFCG role profile.
  • Column “Profile Status” provides the generated profile status of a role authorization tab in PFCG.
  • Column ” Startable” informs which role content is executable. But keep in mind that only if the column “Profile status” shows a green light the content of the generated role profile matches the appropriate application which is defined in PFCG tab page ” Menu” or in PFCG tab page ” Authorization”.


3. Mass Update of application groups in role menu:

If you add applications to a group or delete applications from a group, you must update the role menu. In older versions, you can perform this adjustment directly in transaction PFCG only. In EHP8, you can use the report PRGN_COMPARE_ROLE_MENU carrying out the changes using a mass change function.

The report PRGN_COMPARE_ROLE_MENU offers navigation options to transactions PFCG and SUPC as well as the mass menu change function


Fig 8: Application groups in role menu


The output of the report PRGN_COMPARE_ROLE_MENU shows application groups and the

applications they contain which are inserted in the PFCG tab page “Menu” of the selected

PFCG roles.

  • The “status” shows whether the application group needs to be compared.
  • The “Comparison” column informs you whether an application needs to be deleted from the menu or added to it. If errors or warnings occur during the evaluation of the application groups, you can display the messages by choosing the icon in the column Messages for Application Group.
  • The “authorization status” corresponds to the specification on the Authorizations tab in transaction PFCG.

The report can also be started from transaction SU25 – Upgrade Tool for Profile Generator with menu entry Update of Application Groups in Role Menu.

Fig 9: SU25 screen

You can find these new features even in lower version (750/ 751) however you would need to apply sap notes to fix the program errors.


Looking forward for all your inputs in improving this blog with all other additional details.


Best regards,

Kesava M

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      Author's profile photo Syambabu Allu
      Syambabu Allu

      Hi Kesava,

      Thanks for sharing this!

      Is that similar to tcode: /UI2/FLIA.

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Kesava Mullati
      Kesava Mullati
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Syambabu,

      How are you?

      Yes, it is similar to /UI2/FLIA but with more of authorizations related content.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo ACN Functional
      ACN Functional

      Dear Kesava,

      Nice blog…keep going….



      Author's profile photo Narayana swamy Yanikapati
      Narayana swamy Yanikapati

      Hi Kesava,

      Thanks for sharing this!

      Nice blog…keep going!

      Author's profile photo Varun Biswas
      Varun Biswas

      This is great.I feel this is better than baviating between FLT and FLIA. Can SU25 (progam comapre report0 be run as a backfgreound job?

      Author's profile photo Michael Healy
      Michael Healy

      Flpca would be a better route now ui2/flpca