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Are YOU Up for a Smooth Transition to SAP S/4HANA? Part 1

Special thanks go to Ralf Rieger and our great partner SUSE, who helped to set up, organize, and execute this very useful workshop.

“How to Get SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure with SAP Data Hub”—free one day strategy workshops hosted by SUSE, SAP, and Microsoft

A lot of customers want to move from their old ERP world to the new SAP S4/HANA. Since a transition from Standard ERP to an Intelligent ERP is not done overnight, we intensively investigated how to support our customers as best as we can to make this move as smooth as possible.

“How to Get to SAP S/4HANA on Microsoft Azure with SAP Data Hub as the Overarching Data Management Platform” is a free workshop that we initiated with our partners SUSE and Microsoft in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland to provide information and support.

Despite its rather lengthy name, this is one of my favorite offers to our customers, and its length is absolutely justified by the extensive amount of content that we cover in one day. Our goal is to guide customers who are considering using SAP S/4HANA in the public cloud through all the layers of their future SAP S/4HANA system. In particular, this includes everything from the hardware up to the application layer with all important parts for IT that the SAP S/4HANA Power User will likely use every day.

In this free-of-charge strategy workshop, our team of experts discusses the SAP S/4HANA roadmap and the SAP Linux strategy. Furthermore, the focus is to make it as close to practice as possible, so we also share our experience from the operation of SAP S/4HANA in Azure.

Add-on: Machine Learning models with SAP Data Hub

In an extra part, at the end, we show how SAP Data Hub can be used to add new functionality to your landscape. We use the SAP Data Hub as a cross-platform virtual data layer for SAP and non-SAP systems. Thus, we demonstrate how our data hub can help not only to combine your data from different sources with your SAP S/4HANA data, but also how to integrate machine learning in your SAP S/4HANA processes or in your processes.

Colleagues have been calling me “The Machine Learning Girl” or “Predictinator” for some time now. So, it was just a natural step for me to become a trainer in the SAP Data Hub session and I have to say I am a big fan of these workshops.

Let me share with you why:  not only because I get to talk about Machine Learning, which has been my dream since I have been little, but also because I always learn a lot about myself by joining these workshops. As a typical data scientist, I focused on data, feature engineering, and algorithms without really caring where my environment was deployed as long as it provided enough computing power.

These workshops offered me the opportunity to learn more about all the components that, I so far, took for granted—from hardware components like the “beast” to the SUSE Container management solution for business applications SUSE CaaSP. As a data scientist I know about the importance of an environment that scales with the size of my problems, and I can only recommend the workshop for learning about these important components.

Upcoming Workshops in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Learn more about workshops in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

  • 01.10.2019 – Ratingen
  • 17.10.2019 – Eschborn
  • 24.10.2019 – Hamburg
  • 05.11.2019 – Walldorf
  • 19.11.2019 – Zürich
  • 26.11.2019 – Lausanne
  • 28.11.2019 – Wien
  • 05.12.2019 – Hallbergmoos.

Stay tuned for Part Two next week where I will discuss SAP Data Hub in relation to SAP S/4HANA, and SUSE in relation to SAP Data Hub.

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