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Cross App Navigation (“One App to Another App”)

You can develop navigation from an SAP Fiori app to another SAP Fiori app using the CrossApplicationNavigation service.

  • In this blog post, I would like to discuss on Cross-app navigation,In SAP Fiori application.
  • I have created two  SAP Fiori applications:

In the Fiori launchpad, I am calling app1 from app2.

Our goal is to navigate to app2, so in the app2 we need to define the intents. In the navigation tab of manifest.json file provide the semantic object name, viewExtensions and action to be performed as display

One Fiori Application To another Fiori Application go by using cross navigation …we use following code for that :

  1. ListReport.js
  2. customfilter.fragment.xml
  3. manifest.json


  • In ListReport.js File We Write the code :

onTRequest : function (oEvent) {

var oCrossAppNav = sap.ushell && sap.ushell.Container && sap.ushell.Container.getService("CrossApplicationNavigation");
var href_display = (oCrossAppNav && oCrossAppNav.toExternal({
target: {
shellHash: "TEMS-display"
})) || "";


  • In customfilter.fragment.xml File We Write the code :

<core:FragmentDefinition xmlns="sap.m" xmlns:smartfilterbar="sap.ui.comp.smartfilterbar" xmlns:core="sap.ui.core">
<smartfilterbar:ControlConfiguration key="globalSearch" index="1" label="{i18n>Search}" groupId="_BASIC">
<SearchField id="globalSearch" search="handleSearch"/>

<smartfilterbar:ControlConfiguration key="button" index="5" groupId="_BASIC" >
<Button text="Taxi Request" press="onTRequest" class="buttonrip"/>


  • In manifest.json File Write the Code :

"sap.ui.viewExtensions": {
"sap.suite.ui.generic.template.ListReport.view.ListReport": {
"SmartFilterBarControlConfigurationExtension|EntityName": {
"className": "sap.ui.core.Fragment",
"fragmentName": "ext.fragment.Customfilter",
"type": "XML"

Hope it’s useful!!

Thank you ?

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