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Author's profile photo Sandeep Dinesh Janardan

Business ByDesign Employee Master Data Report

Hello everyone

With the 1908 release of Business ByDesign, a new report called the Employee Master Data report was delivered, that is based on a new data source by the same name (ID: HCMPAB008). This report can be accessed from the Personnel Administration work center – Analytical Reports view.

In this blog post, I’d like to demonstrate how this can be used.

Using this report, the user can view the Biographical data, Workplace and Private address, Payment and Bank information, Work Agreement and Organizational assignment data. There are several pre-delivered Report views that help segregating this information.

Using the Validity Period selection parameter, the user can choose whether they want to view the snapshot of data that is valid as of a specific date, or all the records that are valid during a specific period.

What is the key feature behind this report ?

Customers have often mentioned that they would like to track if employees change details pertaining to bank, biographical data, private address etc via the Employee Self Services features.

This report helps administrators know which employees have been updated with a particular period. This is achieved via the search parameter “Changed within period” – all employees whose data has changed within the selected period (that by default is set to Current Month) are part of the report result.

In the above example, we see that only three employees have had changes done in the current month.

This is especially useful when administrators need to update payroll provider systems if there is a change in any relevant employee master data.

If there has been a new record created, this can be visible using the pre-delivered views itself – the user can toggle between the different views to find if there are any new records created.

In the below example, the user sees that for employee Bill Warner, there is a new record for Biographical data, where there is a change in the Marital status. This change is valid from 7th July 2019.

But in many cases, there might be an update to an existing record. For such update scenarios, to know exactly what change was made, the user can navigate to the employee’s personnel file via the Employee Overview factsheet.

Filling the appropriate period in the Changes Made From and Changes Made To, you can get the list of changes.

In the example from the screenshot below, you can see that Iris Green has a new bank account, that was made by the administrator Eddie Smoke.

One can use this report to create custom ODATA services, and connect external systems like a payroll provider system. Using the available selection parameters, the payroll provider system can query the ByD system for employee master data  updates, with the payroll period being an input to the “Changed within Period” selection attribute.

To know how to create ODATA services out of reports, please refer to the blog post by my colleague
Knut Heusermann – OData for SAP Business ByDesign Analytics

I hope you find this report to be useful. If you have any questions, please enter them as comments below, and I will address them.

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      Author's profile photo Janett Winkler
      Janett Winkler

      Hi Sandy,

      The possibility to retrieve the private address of employees is a great step forward for HR reporting. Thanks a lot for this improvement.

      It there any chance to have also information about Social Insurance Data and Tax Data in data base in future releases?

      Furthermore, there is a data base for retrieving data about disability, but only for US. It should be accessable for all customers.

      The main problem we are facing is that a HR manager do not want to fill in data in SAP ByD which are not retrievable and evaluable via report.

      Hope the missing information will be accessable in future Releases as well. Thank you.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Sandeep Dinesh Janardan
      Sandeep Dinesh Janardan
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Janett

      Thank you for your comments. Yes, you are right, administrators will store data in the system only if is useful for a process, reportable, or extractable.

      Our focus for now was to make the frequently used HR data to be extractable, especially if relevant for a payroll provider system.

      Disability – This was a lower priority item due to usage so far.

      Social Insurance and Tax data – Discussions with many partners and customers made us realize that most customers store this information in the payroll provider system, and not ByD – primarily because ByD does not do payroll calculations. Also, in many cases, ByD does not have the full list of legal parameters that had to be captured for payroll. As a result, the guidance we give partners and customers is that payroll specific data be stored with the payroll provider itself, rather than ByD.

      Another angle we are investigating is whether partners would be interested in building a payroll add-on for ByD – which would take care of capturing all the legal information (extractable) required for payroll calculation, and maybe also have a connector with a popular payroll provider of their choice.

      What do you think of such an approach ?  Do you know partners who are willing to invest in a payroll add-on ?

      Thanks a lot,

      Author's profile photo Janett Winkler
      Janett Winkler

      Hello Sandy,

      We have just checked the changes and new reports delivered with release 1911. *thumbs up*

      Thank you.


      Author's profile photo Janett Winkler
      Janett Winkler

      Hey Sandy,

      Thank you for your reply.

      In Germany the most commun payroll provider is DATEV.

      DATEV offers a kind of interface for SAP Business ByDesign. There exists a documenation on their website.

      Employee data retrieved from ByD can be uploaded via a csv-file to DATEV. We discussed it together in an incident last year.

      But I think most German customers do not use the functionality because it seems to be too complicate for HR department or they have not had a critical look for it.

      Our target is to only enter the employee data in SAP ByD and then upload it to DATEV.

      At the moment, most of employee master data are filled in twice - in SAP ByD and DATEV.Therefore, we would like to have all employee master data retrievable.

      In my opinion, there is not any disadvantage for those customers that do not use the DATEV interface but the customers using it (as we do) will be very happy.

      For us, we would not buy an additional payroll add-on. It causes additional cost on top to SAP ByD and DATEV. Actually, we have all employee data in SAP ByD. Just need the missing ones in a data base to retrieve them.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo David Thorne
      David Thorne

      Thanks for this overview of the new report.

      I've had a look in my recently upgraded 1908 system and can only find a report called "Internal Employee Details" (this is based on the HCMPAB08 data source).

      It appears to be similar to the report you describe here, although there is no selection called "Employee changes" (as seen in your screenshots), but the views are all the same and the report provides the same data.

      I take it this is the same report?