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Product Information

Business Partner CVI – Master Data Consistency Checks supporting the SAP S/4HANA MOVE

Value Proposition:

Proactive listing and correction of the customer / vendor master data eases the synchronization (BP/CVI) process, thereby enabling a smooth migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA.


Business Context / Motivation:

In SAP S/4HANA, Business Partner is the leading object and single entry point to maintain business partner, customer and supplier master data. As part of the conversion from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, customers have to first synchronize their existing customer & vendor data records to the Business Partner. High volume of master data errors during Customer/Vendor to BP Synchronization phase results in laborious iterations of the synchronization cockpit to fix the errors.



As of ECC EhP8 SP12(*), SAP has delivered a standard Master data consistency check report that can be run pretty early in the conversion process (as part of the Preparation phase) that provides an exhaustive listing of the errors / inconsistencies in the existing customer & vendor master data records (with respect to BP data model).



  • The report gives the flexibility to identify the errors for a range of customer / vendor records
  • To overcome performance issues in case there are millions of customer / vendor records, there is also the possibility to additionally filter by account groups and execute the checks
  • The report provides options to choose from a list of business checks or execute all checks
  • Forward navigation to XD02/XK02 is possible to fix errors for one-off customer / vendor records
  • Outlook: As part of the future roadmap, there is a planned development to perform mass correction with direct / inline navigation from the error log to the respective customer / vendor mass maintenance transactions

(*) The report is also made available for customers in lower releases (until ECC6.0) via NOTE (2743494)




Transaction: CVI_PRECHK



  • Launch the Master data consistency check report via transaction CVI_PRECHK
  • You can execute the checks for Customer / Vendor (one at a time)
  • Specify other details:
    • Customer Number Range
    • Account Group
  • Select the relevant business checks to be executed (Select-All if all checks are relevant)
  • In order to ensure faster processing, specify a Server Group (as defined by your Technical / System Administrator)
  • Specify a description for the run; The description also serves as a reference to check the log at a later point in time
  • Execute the report by clicking on the “Execute” button at the top
  • A new RUN ID would be created which can be seen at the bottom section “Run History”. Click on Refresh until the run is finished
  • You can then view the log by clicking on the “Run ID” hyper-link
  • As the name suggests, the “Run History” shows history of all the previously executed Runs



  • The log gives the details of the Run with respect to the Object (Customer / Vendor), #records processed & #records in error
  • The ALV result table could be filtered / sorted by the Business check / Object ID to see all errors per Object ID or all Object IDs per Error category
  • There is a possibility to navigate to the Object Details by clicking on the Object-ID (hotspot) which will navigate to the maintenance screen of the Customer / Vendor
  • There is also the possibility to download all errors into an excel / spreadsheet and carry out a mass maintenance via XD99 / XK99



With the Master data consistency check report, you can get a quick overview or summary of all errors at a very early stage of the conversion from ECC to SAP S/4HANA. Fixing the errors at this stage will enable a smooth conversion by eliminating the errors to be identified at a much later stage during synchronization to BP.


Watch this space for more updates.

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  • I want to know the difference between report PRECHECK_UPGRADATION_REPORT and the report CVI_MIGRATION_PRECHK. As far as I know, the report PRECHECK_UPGRADATION_REPORT can also check the customizing or inconsistency before synchronization.

    • Hi Sherry,

      CVI_MIGRATION_PRECHK, (aka Masterdata Consistency Check Report) is a report meant to be run at a preliminary stage, when user wants to see the volume of inconsistencies in C/V masterdata with respect to BP data model.

      Coming to the second report you mentioned, ideally PRECHECK_UPGRADATION_REPORT is meant to be run post BP synchronization, once the BPs have been created in the system via MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT. This report checks for the consistency of the BPs created wrt various aspects such as BP Grouping, Number Ranges, Value Mappings etc.

      For pre-synchronization (BP) purpose, one can use report CVI_UPGRADE_CHECK_RESOLVE which basically checks for various customizing settings (including number ranges, value mapping etc.) for Customer and Vendor data prior to synchronization.

      Hope that clarifies.

      BR, SS.