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Product Information
Author's profile photo Pramod S

Business Partner CVI – Master Data Consistency Checks supporting the SAP S/4HANA MOVE

Value Proposition:

Proactive listing and correction of the customer / vendor master data eases the synchronization (BP/CVI) process, thereby enabling a smooth migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA.


Business Context / Motivation:

In SAP S/4HANA, Business Partner is the leading object and single entry point to maintain business partner, customer and supplier master data. As part of the conversion from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, customers have to first synchronize their existing customer & vendor data records to the Business Partner. High volume of master data errors during Customer/Vendor to BP Synchronization phase results in laborious iterations of the synchronization cockpit to fix the errors.



As of ECC EhP8 SP12(*), SAP has delivered a standard Master data consistency check report that can be run pretty early in the conversion process (as part of the Preparation phase) that provides an exhaustive listing of the errors / inconsistencies in the existing customer & vendor master data records (with respect to BP data model).



  • The report gives the flexibility to identify the errors for a range of customer / vendor records
  • To overcome performance issues in case there are millions of customer / vendor records, there is also the possibility to additionally filter by account groups and execute the checks
  • The report provides options to choose from a list of business checks or execute all checks
  • Forward navigation to XD02/XK02 is possible to fix errors for one-off customer / vendor records
  • Outlook: As part of the future roadmap, there is a planned development to perform mass correction with direct / inline navigation from the error log to the respective customer / vendor mass maintenance transactions

(*) The report is also made available for customers in lower releases (until ECC6.0) via NOTE (2743494)




Transaction: CVI_PRECHK



  • Launch the Master data consistency check report via transaction CVI_PRECHK
  • You can execute the checks for Customer / Vendor (one at a time)
  • Specify other details:
    • Customer Number Range
    • Account Group
  • Select the relevant business checks to be executed (Select-All if all checks are relevant)
  • In order to ensure faster processing, specify a Server Group (as defined by your Technical / System Administrator)
  • Specify a description for the run; The description also serves as a reference to check the log at a later point in time
  • Execute the report by clicking on the “Execute” button at the top
  • A new RUN ID would be created which can be seen at the bottom section “Run History”. Click on Refresh until the run is finished
  • You can then view the log by clicking on the “Run ID” hyper-link
  • As the name suggests, the “Run History” shows history of all the previously executed Runs



  • The log gives the details of the Run with respect to the Object (Customer / Vendor), #records processed & #records in error
  • The ALV result table could be filtered / sorted by the Business check / Object ID to see all errors per Object ID or all Object IDs per Error category
  • There is a possibility to navigate to the Object Details by clicking on the Object-ID (hotspot) which will navigate to the maintenance screen of the Customer / Vendor
  • There is also the possibility to download all errors into an excel / spreadsheet and carry out a mass maintenance via XD99 / XK99



With the Master data consistency check report, you can get a quick overview or summary of all errors at a very early stage of the conversion from ECC to SAP S/4HANA. Fixing the errors at this stage will enable a smooth conversion by eliminating the errors to be identified at a much later stage during synchronization to BP.


Watch this space for more updates.

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      Author's profile photo venu gopal
      venu gopal

      Nice document...thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Sherry Wang
      Sherry Wang

      I want to know the difference between report PRECHECK_UPGRADATION_REPORT and the report CVI_MIGRATION_PRECHK. As far as I know, the report PRECHECK_UPGRADATION_REPORT can also check the customizing or inconsistency before synchronization.

      Author's profile photo Saptarshi Sen
      Saptarshi Sen

      Hi Sherry,

      CVI_MIGRATION_PRECHK, (aka Masterdata Consistency Check Report) is a report meant to be run at a preliminary stage, when user wants to see the volume of inconsistencies in C/V masterdata with respect to BP data model.

      Coming to the second report you mentioned, ideally PRECHECK_UPGRADATION_REPORT is meant to be run post BP synchronization, once the BPs have been created in the system via MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT. This report checks for the consistency of the BPs created wrt various aspects such as BP Grouping, Number Ranges, Value Mappings etc.

      For pre-synchronization (BP) purpose, one can use report CVI_UPGRADE_CHECK_RESOLVE which basically checks for various customizing settings (including number ranges, value mapping etc.) for Customer and Vendor data prior to synchronization.

      Hope that clarifies.

      BR, SS.



      Author's profile photo Sherry Wang
      Sherry Wang

      thank you very much!! for your detail reply!!

      Author's profile photo J Heinrich
      J Heinrich

      Today I executed CVI_PRECHK  6 times for a different range of customers, I can see  4 runs in the lower section, the last 2 runs do not appear there.  All those had the checkmark for background. I did another run without this checkmark, I got a result, but also is this foreground run not listed.

      So I have 2 questions:

      Where can I see what was submitted and does not appear yet?  SM37 does not have any background job for this program.

      Is it normal that foreground runs will not be included in the list?

      Author's profile photo J Heinrich
      J Heinrich

      looks like we had bugs in our program version, after applying a large volume of new notes everything appears immediately in the monitor, even foreground jobs. What was transferred to run in Background can be checked in SM58

      Author's profile photo General Accenture
      General Accenture


      Author's profile photo Dipak Rakhecha
      Dipak Rakhecha

      Can we use report: CVI_MIGRATION_PRECHK to check master data inconsistencies even after we have converted all customers/vendors to BP using MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT in ECC?

      Author's profile photo Mrunali Shimpi
      Mrunali Shimpi

      How to check for enhancements for customer or vendor tables prior to CVI ?

      Author's profile photo Sunil Gopala Krishnan
      Sunil Gopala Krishnan

      Hello Sir,

      Thanks a ton for such outstanding article.


      Sunilkumar Gopalkrishnan

      Author's profile photo Pavel Lobach
      Pavel Lobach

      Hello Experts,

      I’m running into a problem during using the MDC tool. After setting the options and filters on the main tool’s screen I push the Run button. All things look well: the job starts, and finishes w/o any errors. However, logs are completely blank. I can see neither params in the variant of the job in sm37 no proper params and filters from the Run History part of the MDC tool.  I guess someone might have been faced that issue before. I really appreciate any advice.


      Well, in case you have any ideas where I can collaborate on this topic, would you please be so kind and share links to me.


      Best regards, Pavel.

      Author's profile photo Vineta Lum
      Vineta Lum

      Hi Pavel

      Did you end up finding the rootcause of the problem?

      I have the same issue. The log is completely blank and no record is processed.


      Thanks in advance




      Author's profile photo Pavel Lobach
      Pavel Lobach

      Hi Vineta,

      I’m not sure that we’ve found any solution. To tell the though, generally MDC tool looked completely crashed in that environment. That is why we had to skip that step. Instead of that we were running Mass Synchronization Tool in the test mode to collect all the relevant Master Data issues. As it was not very useful, we had created a custom report over the /sappo/order_hdr table to get the complete list of errors.

      After all the errors had been collected, we turned off the CVI PPO in the direction from Customer/Vendor to BP, and fixed all the issues. We were looping that steps as many times unless there is no a single issue left.

      Then it’s required to check and delete if any BPs were created. Check and clean up all the CVI Link tables. Reset the number ranges of BP, relationships, etc.

      Now everything is ready for the prod run of the synchronization.

      Please let me know if you like to get more details.

      Best regards,