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Getting Started with SAP Fiori Elements Video Series

The SAP UX Engineering team is producing a new video series, “Getting Started with SAP Fiori Elements.” This 11-part video series will show you how to accelerate your own SAP Fiori experience by using Fiori elements. We will post new videos weekly on the SAP UX Engineering YouTube Channel, where you can find other educational videos and resources about SAP Fiori elements and SAP Screen Personas.

In this series, members from the UX Engineering team will walk you through the common page types, explain the technology behind Fiori elements, and show you how to build your own app using this fast and easy metadata-driven approach. Whether you just getting started with Fiori elements or want to learn what’s new, this video series will guide you through everything you need to know.

Planned topics include (links will be updated when the videos are complete):

  1. Introducing Fiori elements
  2. Introducing Overview pages
  3. Introducing List Report and Object pages
  4. Introducing Analytical List Report pages
  5. Understanding Odata and annotations
  6. Turning OData into Applications
  7. Creating Overview pages
  8. Creating List Report and Object pages
  9. Creating Analytical List Report pages
  10. Introducing Worklist pages
  11. Creating Worklist pages

This video series is designed an introduction to SAP Fiori elements and how to get started. For video tutorials on specific technical topics (for example, how to add multiple views to your list report), please visit the SAP Technology YouTube page and search for Fiori elements.

Watch the first episode: Getting Started with SAP Fiori elements: Introduction

If you want to learn more about SAP Fiori elements please go to

For SAP UX Engineering, Peter Spielvogel.


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  • Very helpful blog. Really needed help with Fiori and how to build my own application using this technology. The video explains every detail necessary very well. Good job !

  • Waiting for the remaining Video Chapters to be uploaded.

    I guess we can also create editable List Reports using Fiori Elements and code the action handlers. Hope these topics will be covered going ahead.



    • Hi Sijin,


      The videos will be uploaded weekly as they become available! Initially, you can look forward to two videos on list report pages: one introduction to the page type and one example of building one. If you are looking for something else beyond those two, we always welcome suggestions!

      Thanks for your feedback,

      Conrad (UX Engineering)

      • Hi Conrad,

        First thanks for your response,

        I would wish for a scenario where we can develop Fiori Apps without SAP Web IDE ( Cloud access ), so my ask is can we create it offline using Eclipse ? To be precise I would like to know how we can develop Fiori Elements app if we have S4 Hana On Premise. And Later how we would be deploying them. This would be a complete end to end scenario for a S4 Hana On Prem system.



  • Hello Peter,

    It would be great if the UX Team can come up with a course on the Fiori Elements because they are powerful concepts but still many people do not have and end to end idea.It is a great effort with the video series but an open SAP course would be awesome.



    Prasenjit Singh Bist

    • Hi Prasenjit,

      We are considering an openSAP course on SAP Fiori elements. These courses take several months to produce, so please consider this video series a preview / subset of content you might see if we prepare a course in 2020.


      • Hi Peter,

        Really looking forward to the videos and the open sap course. I started with Fiori developments and it is exciting but still challenging to get the information at one place.




    • Hi Rakesh,


      We're currently preparing videos on worklist pages in SAP Fiori elements -- both a general walk through and how to build one. We're hoping for late October release, as it takes some time to plan the demos, film, and edit the videos. Of course, this date is subject to change at any time for any reason 🙂


      Kind regards,

      Conrad Bernal
      SAP UX Engineering

    • quick answer: yes.
      Fiori apps are frontend applications that communicate with a backend (in your case ABAP 7.52) via APIs, mostly OData. These APIs totally hide the underlying persistence layer from the frontend.

      Regards Helmut

  • Hi there,

    thanks for this nice blog. I will start looking videos and reading documentations once more in detail.

    I am writing this comment in may, 2021.

    For my developments as Backend system I will use S/4 HANA on premise (which is fine, bc. OData is used as API, I know).  As Frontend development environment I will use SAP Business Application Studio.

    My questions: Are the video tutorials and documentations of 2019 still valid? Are they major changes which make this material already out dated?

    Thanks and regards, Stefano