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Employee as a Business Partner and Synchronization with HCM Data

Hello All,


In this blog will see how to create Employee as a Business Partner which involves HCM Module as well, let me quickly explain why it’s required to create employment as a BP.


As with 1511 onwards, BP is mandatory and also Employee with User ID assignment is mandatory for a few of the Fiori Apps like Work Flow & Supplier Evaluation, so that’s the reason Employee has to be created as BP and Syncronized with HR Data


Now, let us start the process.

      1. Go to PA30

2. Select Actions Infotype and click create

3. Enter the Parameters as shown Below

4. Click save it will name next screen

5. Maintain Employee details

6. Click on save will take to next screen

7. Enter sub-area

8. Save

9. Maintain Address

10. Select main back (0)

11. Save

12. In the highlighted area select info type “communication” and sty “00001”

13. Click on Create

14. Enter the USER ID and save


NOW Employee is created with Personnel Number 


15. BP Creation Go to BP T.Code

16. Select BP Category as Person and BP Grouping as “BPEE”

17. Enter all the Parameters as per the requirement as shown Below

18. Once all details are filled click on check to validate details.

19. Go to Identification Tab

20. In ID Type enter HCM001 and previously created personal number in PA30 and click save

21. Now select FLNV00 role and click company code

22. Enter CC and Reconciliation account and scroll down

23. Enter the personal number and save

24. Now select FLVN01 Roll and select Pur.Org

25. Enter and Order Currency and save

26. Now Select FS0000 roll and open company code and check its extended or not and save

27. Select BUP001 Role and check all address details are populating or not and save

28. With this BP is created



Now Synchronization with EMP and BP


      1. Open SA38 Transaction
      2. Enter Program Name /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_EMPL_SINGLE
      3. And execute
    • 4. Give the personal number which is created in PA30 and run the program
    • 5. Now will check log in SLG1 Transaction
    • 6. Main below data in object and subobject fields


Subobject    BUPA_SYNC

  • 7. Once object & Sub-Object are maintained as shown Above execute the log.
  • 8. Now EMP ID and BP have Synced.
  • 9. Open SU01 Transaction

Its Synced with BP as shown


Now Fiori Apps Like Manage Work Flow or Manage Purchasing Categories your Employee ID with USER ID details will be shown or else we can’t perform those activities as Fiori is the only option to perform those activities these steps are mandatory


Thank you. please provide your feedback and Share with Others as well ?

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  • Hi Ruthvik Chowdary,

    Is it the only way to use those Fiori Apps(Supplier Evaluation, My Inbox,...) with HCM Integrated with Employee has to be created as BP and Syncronized with HR Data?

    is there any way to link a BP to a SU01 User to form Business User for Fiori apps without HCM Personel?



  • Hi Ruthvik,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information. I have one question re step 20 in your link that system gives error message 'You may not enter any numbers in the dialog for ID type HCM001'. Is there something else needed to perform your step 20.



      • Hi Ruthvik,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Following your steps when I tried to sync I got error that ‘Business Partner XXXX already created’

        I am actually trying to sync employee and BP as you have done in your example, referring to success message in step 7. But, system is trying to create a BP from employee.

        Please let me know if I am missing something.



      • Hi Ruthvik ,


        I still get the errors although I followed this link to set up the HR and BP activities .


        The error does not goes 'You may not enter any numbers in the dialog for ID type HCM001'.

        Kindly provide your inputs .

        Thanks ,


    • Hi,


      Pls find solution incase its not resolved.


      There is configuration in SPRO for BP.

      Do below setting.

      SPRO -> Cross-Application Components -> SAP Business Partner -> Business Partner -> Basic Settings -> Identification Numbers -> Define Identification Categories.

      Find the identification type which you want to assign to the BP.

      "display only" flag should not be marked.






    please, can you guide me how to solve an issue with synch which results in the following statement?

    i.e. BP exists, HR employee number exist and connected but SAP user is not connected to BP...

    The issue message (SLG1) says user ID is already assigned to BP, but in other client of the same SAP system... how this can be possible?


    Thank you very much for any of your feedback.

    Best regards, Pavel

      • Hi Sampath Kumar.

        Our problem was specific, i.e. there was a klient copy done from DEV to TST environment and unfortunatelly some of data has been copied as well and this results in inconsistency in target environment.

        Not sure, this is your case as well.

        Best regards, Pavel

  • Hi Dear

    Thanks for your blog, I have created Personal Number and that assign to the User id, But the thing is that I am unable to assign the user id in the workflow.


    Kindly write a blog for Service Procurement and confirm, is there any difference between ECC and S4 HANA.


    Thanks & Regards


    • You need to create BP and do Synchronize as well then only you can assign used id in workflow 

      please read the properly full blog and then do it  

      There is no difference in the business process of Service

  • Hi,


    Is there a way to attach/overwrite with our own search help on the people picker of the standard flexible workflow ("Workflow for Purchase Order") ?


    Thank you.


  • Hello Ruthvik,

    Thanks for sharing the information.

    How is employee termination process work with this sync? Will it automatically update employee vendor to inactive?





  • Hi,

    As per details from OSS note 2570961, it seems that “People picker for PR or PO approver” should work without HCM integration, by creating a business user with the Firoi App "Maintain Employee".

    Unfortunately, it has not worked. Do you have more information about this?

    Thank you in advance.



  • Hi,

    I have an issue with sync employees as BP. While I run the sync program I get errors like enter a valid bank account number. In my case employee has only IBAN and no account number. In this how can I fix the error? anyone can help me.



    Thanks and Regards,


  • Thanks Ruthvik for informative blog.


    We have followed the steps and all good. But the PAN no we are giving in HCM is not flowing to BP is there a workaround for this ?