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Author's profile photo Kris Stono

Central Finance Account Determination of SD Condition Types for CO-PA (costing based to Universal Journal)



NB – the scenario below is only supported during real-time replication and does not apply to the central finance initial load!!

New functionality was delivered with S/4HANA 1809 FPS01 for Central Finance assignment of SD condition types to GL accounts. This becomes very interesting in Cfin deployments that involve source systems with costing based COPA and Central Finance Universal Journal with Profitability details being in scope.

The move from Costing COPA to Universal Journal under Central Finance is a topic for a dedicated blog and I will not go into details here, but it is the ability to now have a break down of condition type/value field details in Central Finance that is covered by this blog.

From SAP documentation*:

“All revenues, sales deductions and other values (such as freight costs) are defined as conditions in Sales and Distribution (SD).

In a Central Finance scenario, in the source system with costing-based Profitability Analysis (CO-PA), you can configure a transfer of condition values from billing documents to value fields in CO-PA. In the billing document and in the subsequent FI document, however, sales conditions with the same account key are posted to the same G/L account. The FI document posted in the source system does not have the same level of detail as the CO-PA document in costing-based CO-PA.

To enable that you can analyse the values per condition type in account-based Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in a Central Finance scenario, you can assign different condition types to different G/L accounts in the Central Finance system. You do the settings per company code. You can assign statistical and non-statistical condition types. Note that the statistical conditions are posted as journal entry to an extension ledger with type prediction in Financial Accounting.”

*Central Finance Admin Guide 1809 FPS01


Note: Assuming COPA mapping has been completed already

CFINIMG – New IMG step available from 1809 FPS01


Assign GL accounts per company code/condition type (view V_CFIN_SDACCDET).

For the statistical condition types we need to create and assign a new extension ledger. The ledger needs to be of type ‘Prediction’ and linked to a base ledger:

Assign prediction ledger for statistical condition type capture in Cfin (SM30 table FCOV_STAT_ACT):

Source system conditions ZB00 and ZB01:

  • Both conditions assigned to one Account Key and GL account in source

Condition SKTO is statistical and does not post to Finance in source:

COPA value flow from SD conditions ZB00 and ZB01 assigned to same account key/gl account but mapped to different value fields is source:


Source System document posting:

Source Billing document:

  • SKTO is statistical

Source Accounting document:

  • Statistical SKTO does not post in finance
  • All sales deductions posting to single GL account

Source transfer table – condition type and account:


Central Finance Posting:

AIF view of replicated document:

The GL assignment based on condition type mapping can be seen in the transfer structure as well as the statistical posting for SKTO:


ACDOCA view of posted transaction:

In the screenshot above you can see the real (ledger 0L) split from source 440030 into 440030/440040/440050 based on conditions. The statistical conditions are posted to prediction ledger Z1 with account 440020 and offset 399999 as per configuration.


Fiori view of posted document:


Ledger comparison:

  • Extension ledger shows the statistical condition posting in addition to the base ledger postings:



Source system condition types have to be created in Cfin in order to assign GL accounts. I have not yet tried using Value Mapping for conditions but that is a possible approach here (thanks Marc).


Hope this is useful in your projects!






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      Author's profile photo Marc Ellison
      Marc Ellison

      Nice read Kris thanks for sharing. For mapping SD condition I believe you could configure a new mapping entity and assign it to the relevant CFIN interface structures in the Define Mapping Entities (Enhanced Configuration) IMG activity. First you would need to set up a key mapping or value mapping (easier) object.



      Author's profile photo Kris Stono
      Kris Stono
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marc 🙂


      Thanks for the a result I had a quick look through the mapping entities and found KSCHL_PRC which is already linked to a context structure and available as a standard mapping entity...not sure how I missed that (old age). I will set it up and see if it works.




      Author's profile photo Subbarao Seethamsetty
      Subbarao Seethamsetty

      Very useful Kris - Thanks - gets us on our way

      Author's profile photo Aaron Benner
      Aaron Benner

      This is a great review and explains the SD conditions mapping to COPA over to Universal Journal.  I had two questions:


      1 - Can the product costing-based fields in CO-PA also be mapped to G/L accounts?


      2 - This feature is available currently in cFin.  Is it expected to be available in the (1909+) core S/4 in the future?

      Author's profile photo Stefano Contran
      Stefano Contran

      Hi Kris,

      very interesting.

      some additional questions:

      1. in CFIN it is possible to implement costing based copa or it is mandatory to move from source costing based to CFIN accounting based? Regarding co-pa characteristics: they are part of the “customizing of CFIN” but they must have the same technical name?
      2. in case of inital load: how it is possible to have co-pa data? imagine the case of a go-live during the year.
      3. approach suggested by Mark: which is the correct way to map in central finance different source system with different operating concern in a unique operating concern in CFIN?

      Best regards