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Recurring Pay Component Ordering in the UI (Employee Central)

Pay Component is the Employee Central equivalent of a Wage Type. … Value (if the Pay Component has a pre-defined, fixed value) Frequency of payment. Whether it is recurring.

In this blog, I will be discussing what is the logic behind how recurring pay components are ordered in the UI?

When Pay Components are entered manually in UI.

For this scenario, the pay components will take the sequence in which they were entered manually in UI.

Example: If P1 is added first, followed by P2 and then P3 the sequence will be P1, P2, P3.

When we import pay components in Full Purge.

For this scenario, pay components will take the sequence of the creation date.

Example :

Pay Component Creation Date Sequence in UI
P1 1/1/2000 13:37 P4
P2 1/1/2000 13:27 P3
P3 1/1/2000 13:17 P2
P4 1/1/2000 13:07 P1


When we import pay components in Incremental Load.

Case 1
– When the import file has more pay components then that in UI.

In this case, the pay components already in UI will be as it is in the sequence, the new pay components which are added will start below the pay components which are already there in UI and the new pay components sequence will be as per the creation date.


Pay Components in UI Pay Components in Import file Creation Date Sequence in UI
P2 P1 1/1/2000 13:37 P2
P4 P2 1/1/2000 13:27 P4
P6 P3 1/1/2000 13:17 P6
P4 1/1/2000 13:07 P5
P5 1/1/2000 13:06 P3
P6 1/1/2000 13:05 P1


Case 2: When import file has same pay components as in UI

In this case, the sequence will be the same as per the UI irrespective of the creation date of pay components and the sequence in the import file.

How to check the pay component creation date

Adhoc reports can be used to fetch the creation date of the Pay Component. Kindly follow the below steps to fetch the Pay Components AdHoc report.

1. Reporting

2. Ad hoc Report – Foundation Objects

3. Columns – Pay Component

4 – Find Created on Field

5 – Run report to find out the dates and times.

**My blog covers the details the ordering of Recurring Pay Components in the UI. This does not cover the behaviour of Non-Recurring Pay Components and how they are ordered in the UI**.

Thanks for reading, please share the feedback and expert opinion about recurring pay component.





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      Jwala Malyadri Garimella

      nice info Parul

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      baladeba behera


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      Lalit Singh

      Very Informative. Thanks for sharing.

      What will determine sequence if pay components are created by business rule?