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Maximum Thrust: SAP Leonardo IoT has been named a worldwide 2019 IDC MarketScape leader. Climb aboard.

It’s a proud moment for SAP. Our recognition as a worldwide leader in the IoT 2019 IDC MarketScape for Industrial IoT platforms only reinforces our drive and commitment. But for our customers, it is also a clear invitation: Embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) with a trusted partner. SAP has long helped businesses achieve better outcomes. Now, we’re also making it easy to adopt IoT with a high-reward, low-risk approach.

For forward-thinking companies, that’s great news.

IoT is one of today’s fast-growing areas in enterprise IT. It is already a reality across a broad range of lines of business and industries, including discrete and process manufacturing, retail, oil, and gas, and consumer products. Yet what matters most are business outcomes. That’s why companies need a trusted, proven partner to help them implement and adopt IoT for business. By starting your IoT journey in small, achievable steps with the world leader in business applications, you eliminate risk, lower costs, and achieve greater return on investment (ROI).

SAP Leonardo IoT gives you the valuable intelligence you need to make business outcomes happen with IoT. Recognizing that no two businesses or value chains are alike, we help companies adopt technology at their own speed and in small, achievable steps:

Enhanced situational awareness. IoT is so powerful because it lets businesses collect, analyze, and act on data from anywhere on the planet–from a factory floor to a platform in the middle of the ocean. SAP Edge Services supercharges that by letting you access your IoT data at the speed of light.

When you run business processes somewhere half a globe away, you experience a delay, or latency. SAP Edge solves that by extending business processes to the edge: on-site and up-close to the data source itself. This lets you respond to your surrounding environment with lightning speed and low latency. You can respond to issues immediately.  You can also process data and trigger responses locally.

Managing a single edge environment, of course, is one small part of a much larger picture. The typical IoT landscape involves numerous data sources and gateway nodes. To manage this complexity, you need a broad, aggregate view of the entire IoT ecosystem.

This is where the business process integration of SAP Leonardo IoT and the power of SAP S/4HANA can help. They work together to deliver the promise of the intelligent enterprise by aggregating IoT data in the cloud. As a result, managers can enjoy a broad, aggregate overview of the opportunities driving their business, fueled by real-word data.

Imagine a scenario in which perishable material spoils inside a remote receptacle because of overheating. The system will trigger a service call at the edge to deal with the overheating of the perishable material. But managers still have spoilage on their hands.

Thanks to the intelligent enterprise, users aren’t simply informed about the spoilage. They are also proactively informed about what to do with the material shortage caused by the spoilage. The system can prompt users, for example, to initiate a stock transfer order of available material from another receptacle. SAP IoT doesn’t just inform. It takes action.

In summary, situational awareness offers businesses the very best of both worlds. IoT data can be processed at the edge. The data of many ‘edges’ can then be aggregated for true, 365-degree awareness from a bird’s-eye perspective. Crises and opportunities can be spotted and acted upon at the local level. Their combined complexity can then be expertly managed at a global level.

Driving better customers experiences with IoT. SAP Leonardo IoT is opening up rich opportunities for businesses to amaze their customers. An industrial construction equipment manufacturer is only one example of many exciting scenarios in the future.

To understand its customers better, for example, the company could embed sensors inside its products to communicate usage patterns and behaviors back to a central database. IoT usage information could then be made available for follow-up business processes, including upselling scenarios.

The availability of the IoT usage data would allow call center agents to make highly personalized, relevant maintenance recommendations, as well as upselling offers. Agents would have a clear, transparent view of how customers use their equipment. They would know, for example, which equipment functions customers use for which purpose and for how long. Armed with this knowledge, the call center agent could then make informed upselling recommendations.

Achievable IoT
SAP Leonardo IoT is an invitation to discover what IoT can do for you. Because when you start your IoT journey with a recognized leader in the worldwide 2019 IDC MarketScape, you know you’re in for a smooth take-off with a wide, generous runway.

Let’s go.

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