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Delta Activation of PDI solutions in source tenant

Delta Activation during Assembly

The Assembly process consists of two major steps – Activation and Assembly. Activation of the solution activates the design time code to generate run time artifacts.

It was observed that the activation of a solution took considerable time if the solution was large in size (had huge content files). To improve the performance and reduce the activation time, further analysis revealed the following content types took major time during activation
a) Process Integration
c) Web service
d) Multi-Step Approval
e) Data Source
f) BO
g) XBO

The above-listed content types were activated during assembly even though they were active or were not changed in the patch.

To overcome this challenge a new feature – Delta Activation during Assembly is introduced with 1908. With this feature turned on, activation for the above-listed content types would be skipped if no changes are made to these content types or the underlying referenced objects.

The Delta Activation feature is released as a phased deliverable with 1908 and can be requested by raising an incident to SAP (AP-RC-BDS-1O).
With this feature turned on, it has been observed that the activation time for a solution is reduced.

    • Patch creation of old solutions would implicitly migrate the solution to support the Delta Activation feature.
    • All new solutions created in after 1908 will support the Delta Activation feature and no migration would be required for the same.
    • The feature is only available for C4C solutions.
    • All solution types – MCS, Customer Specific and solution templates support the Delta Activation feature.
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  • I’ve created a patch after 1908 upgrade, does this mean the Delta activation feature is enabled for my newly created patch? Is there a way to understand this feature enabled or not for my patch?