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SAP Cloud Platform – Collection of Links on Access, Availability ,Release Schedule and Advantages

SAP Cloud Platform – Collection of Links on Access, Availability ,Release Schedule and Advantages


In this blog I would like to take a look at couple of the advantages that SAP Cloud Platform offers,collection of links related to Access availability and release schedule.

Access Information

When you subscribe to the SAP Cloud Platform, you as a customer name contact persons who will become Super Admin users and receive the Welcome e-mail which includes among others information about the SAP Cloud Platform URL to use. You should have named at least two persons as Super Admins.

The URL can also be found via this link. You will need to know which region and which environment (Cloud Foundry, Neo or ABAP) you have subscribed for.

Service Availability

You can check the availability and subscribe to notifications in case of updates to the SAP Cloud Platform service availability via this link. This page also contains information about past and if known future events. Access the Cloud Availability Center (CAC) which also covers other SAP Cloud solutions (from the mentioned link press the blue Access the Cloud Availability Center button to open CAC in the launchpad). The CAC also provides insights into latest notifications and upcoming events.
In general the status of a SAP Cloud Product can be found on the Cloud Service Status page (choose a cloud product) and see the status per date and location

Release Information and Schedule

On the SAP Cloud Platform new functionality and corrections typically are applied continuously. Information about recent changes and new functionality, have a look at the What’s New page. For frequency of updates please have a look here.
For a look into the future, check the SAP Cloud Platform RoadMap for an impression about upcoming focus areas.

Additional Information

Check the Agreements section of the SAP Trust Center for more information about SLA’s, Data Processing agreements and Terms and Conditions.
In case you want to learn more about SAP’s data centers, their locations and components, security standards and operations please have a look here.
In many places you will need to decide if you would like to subscribe to get notified about changes or not. Have a look around and decide what is important to you.

Couple of Advantages for SAP Cloud Platform

  1. Integration
    • Integration is one of the strong suits of the SAP Cloud Platform. If you are running a hybrid landscape like so many companies these days, SAP Cloud Platform is an easy choice to integrate for example your SuccessFactors system to your on-premise ERP system. Here in Australia you can use integration via the SAP Cloud Platform to send required payroll information to the Taxation office. There are many options and in many cases there are standard integration packages available. So it might be worthwhile to have a look at the integration capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform
  2. Preconfigured services and applications
    • There are a number of business services already available via the SAP Cloud Platform that can be activated with just a small number of clicks. Ready-made application components and integrated functions for authentication and provisioning exist, so you can now easily and quickly build and integrate innovative applications.You could also check out the SAP store and see what partners in the SAP ecosystem have already developed on top of the SAP Cloud Platform
  3. Development
    • You can make use of your existing ABAP knowledge, use SAPUI5 to develop a Fiori app or use many other development options. SAP Cloud Platform supports DevOps and agile methodologies and offers plenty of options for you to develop an application that is right for you. Available SDKs also make it easy to create that unified User Experience across apps and devices that all end-users are expecting these days.
  4. Lifecycle management 
    • The SAP Cloud Platform not only offers lifecycle management opportunities for apps, but also for APIs. APIs have become one of the most important aspects for the digital enterprise. So having a fast and easy way to manage the end-to-end process can’t be underestimated. API management is a major aspect of the SAP Cloud Platform and is definitely something any company should take into consideration.

There are many other benefits, services and opportunities that the SAP Cloud Platform offers. While this is really just a snapshot of some important points what is available, hopefully you find this blog useful to get an overview. For a full overview of the capabilities of the SAP Cloud Platform, please visit the official website.

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