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Reap all the Benefits of SAP HANA as an Esri Geodatabase and Now Deploy Anywhere

The number one question I receive from customers is “Why combine spatial and enterprise data?” Spatial data is critical now more than ever to the Intelligent Enterprise. Customers are able to answer questions that they have never been able to before by bringing together spatial data together with enterprise data. These questions span industries and enable entirely new business models. Questions like:

  • Who are my most profitable customers within 10 min of a new store?
  • Where should I place the next railway node to prevent urban sprawl?
  • What customers/assets are at risk from an incoming storm due to flooding?
  • Using drones & ML, what assets will soon need repair and then use RPA to automate the business processes (work order, purchase orders, and so on)?

By spatially enabling the Intelligent Enterprise, our customers are not only driving existing businesses, enabling new business models, but ultimately improving human lives.

Customers who combine spatial and enterprise data have better insights, make better decisions and achieve greater innovation, and ultimately drive spatial into their business processes. With more than 20 years of co-innovation, SAP and Esri can help you do this. While Esri ArcGIS has been able to connect SAP HANA for years through query layers, as of early 2018, SAP HANA platform can run as the enterprise geodatabase. This means that both your GIS system of record (e.g. Esri) can run on the same platform as your business system (SAP ERP). The feedback from our customers has been tremendous with reports of increased performance, seamless integration of spatial and enterprise data and lower total cost of ownership.

These benefits are profound for both business and GIS analysts, who can now run analytics on spatial enterprise data in seconds and not minutes, hours or days. Query proliferation is reduced dramatically as there is no need to write multiple queries for better performance. Queries that are natively executed in SAP HANA can be run directly from Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro platforms. Summary tables or indices no longer need to be created or maintained for query performance.

Earlier this week, we announced Esri now supports SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA service as an enterprise geodatabase. This is the first-ever database as a service that is fully support by Esri ArcGIS technology. Customers can now reap all the benefits of SAP HANA as the geodatabase either in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployments for ultimate flexibility.

City of San Diego, recipients of the 2019 Esri President’s Award, recently shared at the Esri User Conference how they are leveraging SAP and Esri to improve municipal service delivery and community collaboration. By running their Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and SAP ERP together on SAP HANA, City of San Diego was able to unlock insights and improve their emergency response services. The first of two live applications is a fire hydrant status viewer with the capacity to save lives by preventing firefighters from showing up to a fire and a dead hydrant. The second application is a sidewalk viewer, allowing the municipality and residents real-time view of sidewalk status for improved maintenance and accessibility.

Better yet we have two great ways to get started today. See here for more information aboug the recently announced SAP + Esri + AWS quick-start experience which comes with everything you need to get started from a free 30-day trial of SAP HANA service + ArcGIS Enterprise, video tutorials, sample data and maps. Ready to migrate off legacy databases? Visit the SAP® Database Migration Factory program for a free assessment using automation tools, industry best practices, and established processes to accomplish migrations quickly and with minimal risk and downtime.



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