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SAP Intelligent Asset Management – 1906 Release Available Now

Here are the highlights of the 1906 release of SAP Intelligent Asset Management, including SAP Asset Intelligence Network, SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management, and SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, as well as our mobile application SAP Asset Manager 4.0.

We put our solutions on the same page with the new SAP Intelligent Asset Management Fiori launchpad where – based on your subscription – you can access the SAP Intelligent Asset Management applications in one place.

Gain new insights into your data using the new Analytics Dashboards application which are widely embedded within the SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions. This enables you to reuse your existing SAP Analytics Cloud stories.

Our integration between asset central foundation and SAP Enterprise Asset Management has been overhauled to a new addon-based solution. This new seamless integration ensures your data is always consistent with robust queuing and change detection in real time.

In this release of SAP Asset Intelligence Network, we give manufacturers and invited business partners a new onboarding experience to help them get started in the application.

We now offer baselining to create snapshots of equipment data so you can travel back in time and track when and why data was changed over the equipment lifecycle.

You can also now request initial and additional information for a piece of equipment via the network from your business partners, for example if you are an operator, you know the serial number and would like to ask your manufacturer for all the documentation for this asset.

In SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management recommendations based on uploaded task lists can now be used in RCM/FMEA assessments. Alternatively you can create a placeholder instruction in your recommendation as a reminder to create documentation if no standard job yet exists. Open recommendations can then be viewed and followed up in the brand new app Preventive Maintenance Review.

In SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service we’ve extended our predictive powers by introducing indicator forecasting for measurements or sensor data. You can compute and forecast values for a future horizon using linear regression and use it in conjunction with thresholds to check when critical levels will be reached.

You can also display work orders to see if they coincide with forecasted critical values so they can be brought forward or delayed as required.

In machine learning we introduced leading indicator analysis which – based on failure modes -proactively recommends you when and why to set up condition monitoring from scratch. The recommendations are turned into rules which monitor and predict the performance or potential failure of your equipment.

Partners and customers can now extend our solution using their own analysis tools that are seamlessly embedded into our new-look Explorer using the Software Development Kit.

With SAP Asset Manager 4.0 we now have integration with the checklist process of SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management.

Now, if a piece of equipment has a mandatory checklist associated with it, when you tap on End Work Order, you are automatically taken to the Checklist screen to complete the checklist before you can fully complete your work order. We also introduced a hierarchy view of functional locations making it easy to search and navigate structures.

Lastly you can perform an online search for parts so you can add your part to a work order for procurement in the field.

All of these new features are now available in Android and iOS as a native application with full offline support.

For a complete overview of all new features visit the SAP Help Portal or find out more about SAP Intelligent Asset Management on

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

What’s New 1906: SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

What’s New 1906: SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service

SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management

What’s New 1906: SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management

SAP Asset Manager

SAP Asset Manager New Features


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      Author's profile photo Jeya Shankar Murugesh
      Jeya Shankar Murugesh

      Nice overview and appreciate the efforts to get this out , quick question - does SAP IAM have plans to include illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) as a future functionality

      Author's profile photo Matthew Easlea
      Matthew Easlea

      Dear Jeya,

      I have recently published a blog about sharing spare parts information It does not mention the visual parts aspect but we do actually support hotspotting of 2d images as well as 3d parts selection within Asset Central and AIN.