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FIORI 2.0: Custom app in Launchpad WITHOUT opening a new Tab (from Web IDE to publishing)


In FIORI 2.0, if you use the “regular” way to publish your custom app on the launchpad (using LPD_CUST), it could open your app in a new tab on the browser.

Here is an alternative way, that will keep your custom apps opening in the same tab (from a simple Web IDE app to Launchpad):

Creating the zhello_world app from the basic template in Web IDE:

Just changing the Page Title to “Hello World”:

Like this:

Deploying the app:

Creating the Semantic Object in: /n/UI2/SEMOBJ

Now, creating the Z_HELLO_WORLD FIORI Catalog:

In the new catalog, Target Mapping creation, with SAPUI5 FIORI App as Target. The Published app URL(/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/*APP NAME*) and the Apps Component (inserted in the first screenshot and also found in the Component.js):

Creating a Static Tile, just like this:

In the end, it will look like this:


Now just create the PFCG custom role, with your new custom catalog assigned (and your user ID):

Now go to your App finder, Add the new Tile to your Launchpad:


So now you have your custom app opening in the same tab, even in FIORI 2.0.






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  • Hi Jose,

    Good blog - the reminder to use Semantic Objects is a good one.

    One point: If there is a suitable standard SAP Business Object that fits your custom app's intention you should of course use that rather than create a new one - since Related Apps lists, List of Links dialogs, and Fiori Search will automatically pick up on your custom app as a related app to the same semantic object,

    One other point... and it's great that you are implying this...

    FYI LPD_CUST is long defunct.

    We stopped using it in S/4HANA from release 1610 onwards.

    This sort of launchpad content configuration should be done in the Launchpad Designer - which from the screenshots is what you are using above?