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To apply for SAP Global Certification in India 2019

As SAP India Certification Portal (Direct Certification Process) is retired now, please follow below process to apply for SAP Global Certification in India

Step 1 Registration

  1. Click here for registration
  2. Search CER006 and click subscribe CER006. Or, use direct link to access CER006
  3. Add it to basket and proceed to basket
  4. Provide the personal details and continue
  5. Select the payment method as PO where you need to provide PO number and PO copy. As you are applying as an individual, enter “NA” and upload blank pdf file and proceed further
  6. The system will generate an order confirmation number. Keep a record of it by taking first screen shot of it

Step 2 Payment

  1. Access the bank account details
    1. Beneficiary / Vendor Name: SAP
    2. A/C Type: Current A/C
    3. Full A/C number: SAPIXXXXXXXXXX (X to be replaced with your mobile number)
    4. Bank Name: CITIBANK
    5. Bank IFSC / RTGS Code: CITI0000004
  2. Add beneficiary account details as per the above details
  3. Add 18% GST on the base price of the certification for total payment
  4. Transfer fund using NEFT payment gateway. Keep a record of it by taking second screen shot of it

Step 3 Order Confirmation

  1. Attach the both screenshots of booking and payment confirmation and drop mail to with following information
Name Last Name Contact Number Mail Id Order Number SAPI number UTR number


Note 1: SAP will release access details within 5 business days. If delayed, please liaise with

Note 2: Only NEFT payment is accepted by SAP. Please don’t make IMPS transfer to SAP current bank account. 

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  • Hi Piyush,

    Thank you for the details provided. However I still don’t get why SAP doesn’t support credit card payments for certifications from India. When I checked with the contact mail Id provided in their website, I was told that only NEFT payment options are available.



    • Dear George Babu,

      Thank you for your note. Credit card payment gateway in India is in work-in-progress and I do not go-live date. Will update once I get clarity on  it.

      Thank you for your understanding



  • Hello Piyush,

    Thanks for sharing this.

    However still I have one doubt regarding payment i.e. Full A/C number: SAPIXXXXXXXXXX (X to be replaced with your mobile number)

    how come bank account number includes my mobile number ? Is it customised for SAP ? How it is possible bank account starts with SAP followed with my mobile ?

    Can you help me.