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Check the ICF nodes in Tx SICF: At least one nodeis inactive.

Today I wanted to prepare a system for some automatic upgrade tests of SAP Gateway addons. For this I had to develop and activate some demo services.

Here I stumbled across an issue because I wasn’t able to test the services in the SAP Gateway Client where I always got the following error message.

Check the ICF nodes in Tx SICF: At least one nodeis inactive.

The typo “nodeis” is taken from the original error message ?.

Since it took me some time to solve this issue I thought that this deserves to be documented in a blog.

Error analysis

I checked and found that the node was active in SICF.

However the port number was zero. (This I did not find immediately …)$format=xml

This can also be checked via transaction SMICM –> Goto Services

Reason and Solution

The technical reason is described in the SAP Online Documentation that you find when searching for “port 0” and similar words.

” …  the value 0 for PORTS means that no port is opened for inbound connections for the specified protocol. For security reasons, ports for inbound connections must be explicitly configured.”

The solution is to set the following profile parameters in the instance profile

icm/server_port_2        PROT=SMTP, PORT=25000, PROCTIMEOUT=300, TIMEOUT=300
icm/server_port_1        PROT=HTTPS, PORT=44300, PROCTIMEOUT=300, TIMEOUT=300
icm/server_port_0        PROT=HTTP, PORT=50000, PROCTIMEOUT=300, TIMEOUT=300

so that inbound communication is enabled for http, https and smtp (email).

Not all three parameters are thus required.

But if you want to use https you have to activate the port icm/server_port_1.

The port icm/server_port_2 is only required if emails have to be sent from your ABAP server.

The only thing that is left that I will check whether we can change this error message ?.



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