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5 Mistakes That Destroy Your Sales Leads

Every business wants to close more sales and generate more revenue. Sometimes, simple mistakes that are easy to avoid can prevent this from happening. Here are five mistakes that invariably affect sales and how you can prevent them.

  1. Not knowing your customer base

Unless you can identify your audience and know who will buy your products or services, you have no chance of succeeding. You need to assess who will benefit from your products or services so that you can target them directly. It’s all about giving them what they want.

Create a buyer persona by taking a closer look at social media to discover the motivations and behavior patterns of people you want to reach.

Hear from current customers or clients about why your products/services appeal to them and use this information to help you identify what other buyers might want. If they have a problem, they must feel that your product or service offers them the best solution.

  1. Not offering a good user experience

Consumers can’t see you and they will judge what you have to sell based on your website. If it is cluttered and inconvenient to use with too many fonts and random colors, it will diminish your credibility and increase bounce rates.

People are more drawn to clear, simple interfaces. Your interface must be responsive and suit all types of devices, enabling users to easily navigate across various products or services.

  1. Not keeping track of contacts and leads

Not staying in control and keeping track of contacts and leads can lead to a loss of sales. If you’re an estate agent, for example, and you forget about that client who wants more information about a house that was on show, that’s a possible sale you could lose out on.

A crucial part of sales is the process of following up – closing deals in a single contact doesn’t happen that often.

It helps to have a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) that allows you to stay in control, manage your business and keep track of your contacts in an easy to manage database. It’s important to keep track of sales leads and have information right at your fingertips, especially when you are in contact with clients and require immediate information.

  1. Not paying attention to customer reviews

Buyers today are more informed and discerning than ever before. They have many avenues for gaining information about products or services, including reviews.

Negative reviews can seriously affect sales in the same way that positive reviews can boost them. Ignoring negative reviews is unwise – respond, admit your mistakes and attempt to provide a solution. Understanding the problems faced by your customers can help you to make important improvements.

Positive reviews help others to narrow down their options and may help them to make a decision in favor of your products or services. Respond to positive reviews by showing your gratitude and ask for feedback about where you can do better.

  1. Not offering a clear call-to-action

You need to tell consumers whenever you want them to do something or respond in some way. There’s no point in creating marketing content if it doesn’t provoke action and if you don’t ask them, they may not know what you expect from them.

Place your CTA in a good location, such as above the fold on your landing page. Select persuasive colors and shapes to create an emotional connection and make sure the text is easily readable.

The best way to check what works is by putting it into practice. Introduce the change and then assess whether it brought about the desired results.

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