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Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod

Attaching Documents, Reason Codes and Cause Codes to Maintenance Item

Maintenance planner creates maintenance plans to ensure proper level of preventive care for various assets and avoid costly breakdowns. There are multiple methodologies and best practices to create Maintenance plans and corresponding Maintenance items within SAP Plant Maintenance.

Each Maintenance plan and corresponding item are created for some reasons and they address some of the causes that influences deterioration mechanism for a given asset. If these reasons are not captured and documented well, it would be very challenging to evaluate how effective these preventive measures are. Inefficient preventive measures could lead to either over or under maintenance of the assets that may result into higher operational cost.

A new enhancement delivered by SAP, allows assignment of one or more Document Information Records (DIR) to any maintenance item (or to maintenance package for strategy-based plans). The DIR assignment is enabled along with possible list of codes and additional attributes that helps maintenance planner to capture any other external references that may have used to arrive at a preventive maintenance plan or item.

Configuration of maintenance plan category

To enable this feature, after implementing note indicated at the end of this note, first you must configure category of maintenance plans indicating, which default catalog profile would be used for a maintenance plan, which catalog type would be used for documenting reasons and which catalog type would be used for documenting causes. The information for reasons can be displayed only if corresponding flags are set.

In the example shown above we have a maintenance plan category ZS that allows user to capture reasons and causes. It also captures default catalog profile (ZSGS) and catalog types.

(Please note that, this features should be added only with Plant Maintenance Specific maintenance plan categories. Such plans creates either a maintenance order or maintenance notifications as call object.)

Assigning documents, reasons and causes to each maintenance items

Once the maintenance plan category, is configured standard transactions to manage maintenance plans are enhanced to assign various additional attributes in two additional tabs.

Example below shows a maintenance plan used for overhaul of a pump that address Cavitation in the pump. The origin for this item was initiated after a “RCM” Reliability Centered Maintenance exercise and same is than indicated in the attribute for “Origin “. Maintenance item also has capabilities to assigned document for each of the codes that provides more detailed view on why this maintenance item was added for this pump. User can also flag to indicate that the item is important for certain legal rules and regulations.


Once the details of causes and reasons are maintained user can select and filter set of maintenance item that address certain causes or reasons in list report transactions like Ip17 and IP18. User can use codes for reasons, causes or use short description, origin, or DIR attached to the item. This allows user to manage all these Maintenance items together.

Copy information collected for one Maintenance Item to other maintenance item

If you have set these features and maintained additional information for a maintenance items that is assigned to a template maintenance plan, these additional details could be also copied to the new plan simplifying creation of maintenance plans with more appropriate details.To enable this, you must implement “Copy of maintenance plans” feature introduced with SAP Note: # 2539196.

With above note, user would see an additional flag in a copy maintenance plan pop-up that allows copy of causes and reasons including attached documents.


Maintenance orders created with the items that has these additional details and corresponding documents, would see these document as assigned document for the order providing significant information about why these preventive measure is important.

As of now, these features are available on in SAPGUI screens, they require Business Function Enterprise Asset Management Part 13 (LOG_EAM_CI_13). Refer note “2660714 Document Assignment for Maintenance Plan”

You will find more information in SAP Improvement Finder

Mark master blog as favorite to get information about further improvements that would be released


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      Author's profile photo Sabyasachi Banerjee
      Sabyasachi Banerjee

      Thanks for sharing Hemant.

      Author's profile photo Allan Nthonyiwa
      Allan Nthonyiwa

      Thank you for your insights. This is helpful

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Singh
      Abhishek Singh

      Thanks Heamat

      Author's profile photo Nirmal Kokkuvayil Gopalakrishnan
      Nirmal Kokkuvayil Gopalakrishnan

      Thank you Sir, this feature will bring in more compliance and bridge the gap between recommendations of reliability engineering dept., maintenance planner. Even we can get more classification options and further reporting!

      Author's profile photo Sabyasachi Banerjee
      Sabyasachi Banerjee

      How do you attach documents to the Codes and Reasons ?

      Author's profile photo Ramesh Kalammanavar
      Ramesh Kalammanavar

      We can not attach document at Maintenance plan reason and causes , however the selected Code and Code groups has attached Document, then User can display these documents in subsequent activities

      • Mplan
      • Maintenance orders and
      • Notifications

      if you have questions on how do i make documents active in Code and code Groups , then you need to follow this path Quality Management-->Maintain Settings at Client Level-->further settings -->Switch Document Link to Code --> active

      Hope it is clear

      Author's profile photo Sabyasachi Banerjee
      Sabyasachi Banerjee

      Thanks, Ramesh,

      I could attach document on the Catalog Code and can now view them on the Maintenance Plan.

      But these document (released) are not visible on the Work Oder generated from the Maintenance Plan under the Document Assignment for WO.




      Author's profile photo Ramesha Kalammanavar
      Ramesha Kalammanavar

      Hi Saby,

      Yes, its only available in Mplans, not in the subsequent transactions - What I assume that the recommendation ( modify mplans / Item)  coming from IAM/ ASPM and track of causes and reasons from ASPM.


      Thanks and Regards

      Ramesha Kalammanavar

      Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod
      Hemant Rathod
      Blog Post Author

      You can see attached document here

      Author's profile photo Ramesha Kalammanavar
      Ramesha Kalammanavar

      Hi Hemanth,

      Thank you for the rescue 🙂 , Yes the document were visible in my test system also by clicking on "Unhide dependent Objects"

      Hope Mr.Saby got an answer  pl note Plant Maintenance and Customer Service-->System Enhancements and Data Transfer-->Activate Functions for Enterprise Asset Management --> Additional functions DOC_BOV need to be active

      Author's profile photo Saby Banerjee
      Saby Banerjee

      Finally got it working. 🙂


      Still not sure how it relates back to ASPM - PRM process. Could you shed some light on this plz.

      Author's profile photo Sean Jorden
      Sean Jorden

      Hi Hemant,

      We appreciate the continued development of useful enhancements for SAP PM.

      However, we are trying to keep a consistent user experience within the WebUI Web Dynpro applications, and many if not most of the enhancements are GUI.

      Are there plans to harmonize this functionality across both technologies, or are we saying that GUI is the way of the future?


      Sean Jorden

      Analyst, NorthRiver Midstream

      Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod
      Hemant Rathod
      Blog Post Author

      Hi sean,

      As far as I know this functionality should be also in webdynpro, did you check business function LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_14?

      You will need this BF being turn on to view this functionality.

      refer folloing link.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Carolina Vizcaino
      Carolina Vizcaino

      Hello, thanks for all the information. We are testing this functionality, we managed to add a document in Plan Item through Cause catalog code, but documents are not transfered to order, Additional tab in work order has "document assignments" list empty.   Maybe you could give some advice? Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod
      Hemant Rathod
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vizcaino,

      Please check, there is a button called "show document of dependent objects", if you press that most probably you should see the documents. If not, you may have to create support ticket.


      All the best.



      Author's profile photo Carolina Vizcaino
      Carolina Vizcaino

      Hello Hemant, as you mentioned, that button helped me see the documents correctly, thanks a lot for your help and quick response!

      Best regards,