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The Importance of Great Customer Service for Small Businesses

When starting a small business many entrepreneurs tend to focus primarily on the development of their products and services, as well as marketing. But keep in mind that when you’re starting out you will have to compete for every customer you have. While marketing and a good product may help you attract consumers, the only way for you to keep them is through good customer service.


Know that no matter which industry you’re in, you’ll have to compete with a lot of different companies. While you may offer very similar products and services compared to your competitors, you can have a different approach to how you cultivate relationships with your customers. Apart from wanting to purchase a good product, every customer wants to have a great experience when buying something. They want to feel valued and be reassured you can help them. Great customer service allows you to make an awesome first impression. It’s worth noting that it only takes several seconds for someone to form an opinion on your business, so make sure you always give everyone a graceful greeting, be it in person, on the phone, or in an email.

Instead of looking for ways to extract the maximum amount of money from your customers, you should try treating them like family. In other words, you should truly go out of your way to ensure their needs are met. Just look at how far Amazon has got, mainly due to their outstanding customer service. Even back in 1999, Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos understood putting the customer above everything else was the key to success.

If a customer has a good experience purchasing a certain product from you, they will naturally tell their friends and family members. They might even post a positive review online. This is the best type of marketing you can get. Instead of trying every possible advertising technique and spending thousands trying to attract consumers, consider letting it happen naturally. This doesn’t mean you should avoid marketing, but instead put more funds and effort into creating an outstanding customer service department. Understand that these people represent your connection to the people. They are responsible for presenting your brand to consumers.

With that being said, your customer service team should always respond to every question they get. Even if it’s a negative review, they should still address it and try to solve the issue. This is a strategy companies like Wendy’s successfully use to attract and retain customers. Even when they get complaints online, they promptly and pleasantly respond to it. Keep in mind that you should never delete negative comments. Instead, try turning them into positive reviews through good customer service.

In case you often receive the same questions from consumers, it’s a good idea to implement an AI chatbot on your website. This is essentially a program that can interact with people on the internet. In case a customer has a certain question about the products and services you offer, an AI chatbot can provide instant automated answers. This way, your customers won’t have to wait a long time to receive a reply. Note that it’s very important to try to provide your customers with answers as soon as possible because they might find another company in the meantime.

One of the main reasons why good customer service can make your company successful is because it will encourage consumers to remain loyal. After all, there will be no reason for them to look for another brand in case they’re satisfied with what you have to offer. If you learn to truly value relationships with every one of your customers, they’ll respect you. When you have customers who are loyal to you, it will be easier for you to raise prices without them minding because they know they can trust you. Just look at what Apple’s doing in recent years, and not only are they still incredibly successful, but their customers love, trust, and respect their brand.

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