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Kubernetes and simplicity

SAP development leverages more and more open source technologies to safeguard customer investments. SAP Datahub and SAP HANA are developed  for Cloud and on prem leveraging Open Source like Linux or Kubernetes as the infrastructure layer.  The implementation of container-based systems in conjunction with Kubernetes leads to some challenges. The full function and feature set is very huge and complicated, and some available distributions are not subject of a clever engineering paradigm. What will be the next step for adding new values for SAP Customers?

Let’s take a look to another field of Engineering: In rocket science it has shown  that good systems keep some simplicity. Good engineer concluded from these experiences in the 1950’s that the genius of a construction lies in its simplicity. Anybody can build complicated.  As SUSE has good IT engineers they found a solution to simplify Kubernetes with CaaSP so that it is possible to implement it on premise and to offer a fixed price and fixed-time program for SAP Datahub PoCs . The affordable SUSE program provides a fast path for a rapid and stress-free implementation and configuration of SAP Data Hub, with the necessary infrastructure layer designed and laid down exactly to SAP Datahub’s needs.

The result of this start program is a rapid implementation of the  required  infrastructure needed to support the SAP Data Hub deployment. The next question is: When will SAP offer a  delivery of a containerized SAP Datahub and SAP HANA System for the cloud and on prem leveraging open Source Container Technologies? This will certainly enlarge SAP’s offering and the value for customers.


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