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Author's profile photo Ildar Akhmerov

The difference between Request Maintenance and Report Malfunction apps

If you plan to use Fiori apps in your maintenance processes in SAP S/4HANA you may face a challenge to select proper app for your needs.

In SAP S/4HANA there are 2 Fiori apps available for creation of maintenance notification:

  • Request Maintenance (F1511)
  • Report Malfunction (F2023)

They have similar functional capabilities, let us discuss the differences between them to decide when to use what.

1. Request Maintenance

Request Maintenance app is designed for any employee of the organization who can and allowed to create a request to maintenance department. It is included in a default role SAP_BR_EMPLOYEE_MAINTENANCE.

It has capabilities (delta with Report Malfunction):

  • Templates for long text,
  • Notification type can be selected (M1 or M2 by default, for others you have to enhance the OData service),
  • Notify requestor on the progress.

2. Report Malfunction

Report Malfunction app is designed mainly for technicians for to be used in Emergency Breakdown process. It is included in default role SAP_BR_MAINTENANCE_TECHNICIAN.

It has capabilities (delta with Request Maintenance):

  • Failure mode selection (catalog),
  • Notification type coming from customizing (planning plant of the technical object),
  • Assignment to technician,
  • Notification is created together with order,
  • Drafts are supported (if you start creation of malfunction report and close the browser the draft is saved)

More information about Report Malfunction app is here


I hope this information will help you to decide on which Fiori app to use in your scenarios.


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      Author's profile photo Subhrant Kumar bal
      Subhrant Kumar bal

      thanks for sharing nice information.




      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi

      Thank you Ildar Akhmerov for the great blog ! keep it up please.

      Author's profile photo sabariayyappan balasubramaniyan
      sabariayyappan balasubramaniyan

      Can you please pour some knowledge about failure code in report malfunction app


      Thanks in advance

      Author's profile photo Michael Watson
      Michael Watson

      Hi guys,

      How can it be that one can still battle with getting a Fiori App working? Again after such a long time. Lol.

      But it's true. I have read and researched until blue in the face but still without success.  Its like the answer I am looking for is not written down in plain English.  Please help if you can.

      The Emergency Maintenance Apps (Report Malfunction and the other blighter Process Malfunction Report) does not show the 'floating buttons' [Release] etc.

      I had it working at another client once but now with a new Security Person - we cannot figure it out.

      I recall, setting up the PA30 Employee, plus the infotype 0105 System ID linking, plus the Synchronization to a Business Partner but there must be something else we are not doing.  Cause those darn "Floating Buttons" are still missing.


      Can some bright spark please tell me in plain english what I need to do to get those Apps working. 🙂

      Thanks in advance,