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For Your Convenience: SPS09 Available for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Upgrades, ahoy! Summer vacation season is here and so is the new Support Pack Stack (SPS) 09. Let’s start unpacking straightaway and take a quick tour of some features that make SAP Solution Manager 7.2 processes more convenient.

Test Documents – Online Edits and Signatures

Time to recline in your chair and start forgetting the steps of exporting all worklist items (test documents, test cases, test data) one at a time, saving local copies, making the desired change to the specific item, and importing everything again. Instead, make edits in one step with online editing. Internet Explorer provides a seamless workflow with all worklist item formats. It opens an extra window for making instant edits. Welcome to relief from redundant effort and manual error potential when working in your respective document management application or manual test case execution application.

(This improvement idea was submitted by a customer and developed via SAP Customer Connection.)

Vacationers of large cruise ships can easily appreciate changes to Manual Test Case Execution, considering the ships’ consolidated data in keycards for guest rooms. The keycard goes with guests throughout their journey. It’s a boarding pass and ID when the ship pulls into port. It’s a payment method for spontaneous onboard umbrella drink purchases, even while lounging on deck.

Similarly for Manual Test Case Execution, signature data goes with a test document throughout its test management journey. After selecting the signature icon, you can directly access a test document’s signature history. This includes a list of users and timestamps. You can also electronically sign the document yourself, if needed.

Multiple Job Monitoring Objects

If you’re vacationing with family members’ competing agendas, the convenience of a luxury cruise, which offers a variety of activities for different age categories, makes me think of the convenience added to Job Management. From a job document attached to the same system and client, you’re now free to create more than one job monitoring object. This means that if there is a business-related alert for a job log error and an IT-related alert for a runtime error, different reviewers can handle different alerts, which remain attached to the same job documentation.

Alternatively, you can create one job monitoring object for multiple reviewers. Maybe the whole family goes for a live show together on the third deck. If job management is high on your agenda, you can also explore mass maintenance of job documentation for job chains. Further, learn how simple job request management applies to both jobs and job chains.

Large Attachments Exchange

We can all learn from how cruise ship passengers enjoy the convenience of not regularly repacking and carrying around large pieces of luggage from one port destination to the next.

When dealing with incidents on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, your added convenience comes in the handling of file attachments. The Document Service of SAP Cloud Platform replaces physical replication of attachments in SAP Solution Manager. This frees you to exchange large heavy-duty-travel-trunk-sized attachments with ease. S-users need only to select a hyperlink for access.

3rd Party Software Display

Who doesn’t enjoy added convenience of one-stop planning, whether it’s for an ocean-bound vacation or an SAP S/4HANA conversion? In the Maintenance Planner, the Additional Software Details tab now also displays 3rd party software information for your comprehensive planning purposes.

More destinations to SAP Solution Manager convenience await! Visit the SAP Help Portal and discover what’s new for SPS09.

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    • Hi Adi,

      let me share my experience with you. There is a strict relationship with SolMan SP9 and ST-OST. You need to wait until SP4 is released. This is planned for mid of August.

      Kind regards,

      • I review this post once a month. I am not sure what are you trying to achieve, there are number of patterns in various systems landscapes, so different approaches for the integration.

        Also different versions of S4 will have different approach with MDG versions.

        My suggestion will be first you will draft your basic architecture diagram, that try to understand what are you trying to do?

        Focused Build works well on S4, if you have MDG as a part of S4, this will work, if you have a separate instance of MDG, which might sit on S4 base, the question will be why do you need two s4 systems?

        If you question is with regards to ChARM integration with Focused build, we had completed integration for S4, Success Factors Employee Central Payroll (ABAP systems) very easy, than SAP PO, native Success factors ( a lot of efforts, but working with CTS+, worked a lot on Ariba Transports - still WIP.

        I suggest you contact me directly with your requirenments, so we will discuss off line

  • Hello,

    Thank you for this blog.

    I’m happy that Java Stack is based on SAP Netweaver 7.5.

    But i don’t understand why you don’t update ABAP Stack on Netweaver 7.52. Why an innovative platform is not running on the latest version (For example with Netweaver 7.40 we have CDS View limitation : or SAP_UI limitation)

    Is it planned to perform the migration for Solution Manager 7.2 SP10 ?

  • Hi William,

    Thanks for your question. I've learned from our experts that unfortunately we cannot update the ABAP Stack of SAP Solution Manager to 7.52 as we reuse components from SAP CRM which is not supported on 7.52. Overall we do not plan to change the ABAP Stack of SAP Solution Manager. So I'm happy if you're happy about 7.50 . . .

  • Is there any guide/SAP Note/KBA which will explain the clear path for update to SPS 9 from earlier SPS of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. I see there is guide for 7.1 to 7.2 but we already on SPS 7.

    again SUM are 2 different one SUM 2.0 is for target release 7.5 as JAVA is 7.5 so we might have to use SUM 2.0 for JAVA and SUM 1.0 for ABAP as it's still 740 and info such as this in one place to make life of admin's easier to find all info in one document

    • I think I am wrong with above comment 7.5 and above are all ABA Systems so SUM 2.0 is only for that and

      Software Update/Upgrade with SUM 1.0 SP 23

      Upgrade & update of SAP NetWeaver-based systems (Java; Dual-stack; ABAP with target below SAP BASIS 7.50):

      Software Update/Upgrade with SUM 2.0 SP 05

      Upgrade & update of AS ABAP - based systems with target SAP BASIS 7.50 or higher:


      But still there is one msising note/KBA which will guide to update of SPS for SOlution manager 7.2 or I couldn't find it in KBA Search fields


      • Dear Nitinkumar Kalugade,
        the required information can be found in the SUM central note 2580442 and in this blog:

        Easy decision matrix:

        • SUM 2.0 is for ABAP single stacks, targeting systems based on BASIS 7.50 and higher (exception: SUM 2.0 is used for ZDO even if target is BASIS 7.40)
        • SUM 1.0 is always used if the source system is either a dual-stack system, or a Java stack
        • SUM 1.0 is used for ABAP stack if target is based on BASIS 7.40 or lower

        Therefore, in order to update your SAP Solution Manager to SP09, please use SUM 1.0.

        Regards, Konstantin

  • Hello,

    Is there any note or guide to follow on the SPS09 upgrade from SPS06. We are planning for an upgrade. Also any notes on the known issues ?

    Sandeep Meher

  • Hello all,

    For VAR partners, in the official documentation, we still have the VAR guide for 7.2 sp4 release on december 2016!



    Do you have any plans to upgrade the documentation?



    • Hi Marlon,

      Yes. In fact, we're currently writing the new guide for partners/VARs. A Q3/Q4 release is planned. As this can be subject to change, I'll have to follow-up with an update. You can use your same link from your comment to navigate to the new guide when it's released.

  • Hello all,


    at the moment there is no possibility to deploy Solution Manager 7.2 on Power with Linux (Little Endian) because there is no Java Version available (NW 7.40). As SPS09 uses Java 7.50 it seems that, from a technical perspective, it should be possible, but  suitable installation media is missing.


    When will be a suitabe installation media available to deploy the Solution Manager directly on LoP LE?


    Thanks and best regards


    • Hi Alexander,

      First of all, you are exactly right. As of today, the system cannot be deployed on Power LE. The NW ABAP 7.40 stack is not released for this deployment.

      I can confirm that our developers have this information. I can't get too much into if or when or future developments at this time.

      • As a general note: You can get a preview of what's to come if you stay tuned for the announcement of our Q4 Delivery Call, courtesy of SAP Customer Connection.
  • Hi Johan Gooding,

    Nice document.

    We are planning to upgrade after January 2020, as of now we are in 720/SP03 in our solution manager system,

    is there any support will get after January 2020 as well? What will be the impact if we upgrade after January 1st 2020?

    Thanks & regards

    Bhaskar N

    • Hi Bhaskar,

      Based on your system, if you're planning to upgrade after January 1, 2020, you will enter a period of being disconnected from support up until you have upgraded. According to the authoritative SAP Support Backbone presentation slides:

      • SAP Solution Manager SAP Solution Manager 7.2 systems on SP04 and earlier support package stack levels will no longer be able to communicate with SAP Support Backbone.
      • Systems on SP05 and SP06 will allow limited connectivity, manual efforts are required.

      The standing recommendation from SAP is to plan your upgrade before 2020. Here's a link to the SAP Support Backbone presentation if you need more info to make a case for early upgrading.