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What authorizations do you need in order to fully leverage SAP for Me?

Hi everybody,

As described in my blog A new beginning: SAP for Me – your digital companion in May, SAP for Me has now been launched. Although it is still an open beta, it is available to everyone, just with a few minor limitations here and there.

Now, almost 2 months later, the most significant thing we have learned is that many people are not aware which authorizations they need in order to leverage SAP for Me. We also learned that we need to improve SAP for Me to make it self-explanatory in this respect. And in case you are wondering, we are already working on these points.

I don’t want you to have to wait until SAP for Me can help you to get your authorizations right on its own however. With this in mind, I decided to write this blog so that you can help yourself and request all the authorizations you need from your super admin / cloud admin responsible for your S-user.


The current authorization concept of SAP for Me


SAP for Me currently uses the S-User framework and its authorization concept, as already used by the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, to define and check authorizations for sensitive data.

As SAP for Me introduces new functions that leverage new data types, the following, new authorizations were defined and distributed to super or cloud administrators, who can start sharing them with others who would like to use SAP for Me:

  • Display Order Information in SAP for Me
    Controls access to (cloud) orders on the SAP for Me website.
  • Display Software Agreement Information in SAP for Me (not in use yet)
    Controls access to (on-premise) software agreements on the SAP for Me website.
  • Display Company-Wide Learning Status in SAP for Me
    Controls visibility of aggregated learning fulfilment information on the SAP for Me website. (Note: The relevant function requires an existing SAP Learning Hub license)

Additional new authorizations have been defined and distributed that serve for both SAP for Me and SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

  • Access License Utilization for Cloud
    Controls access to entitlement and consumption information on the SAP for Me website.For cloud software classes, this permission has been added to all cloud administrators’ authorization profiles.
  • Access License Utilization for OnPrem
    Controls access to entitlement and consumption information on the SAP for Me website.For on-premise software classes, this permission has been added to all super administrators’ authorization profiles. (Note: This data is currently not displayed in SAP for Me; this is planned for Q3/2019)

In addition to these authorizations, SAP for Me also makes use of existing authorizations, for example in the context of displaying incidents.


Complete list of current authorizations relevant for SAP for Me


The table below shows a complete list of all (existing and new) authorizations used as of today in SAP for Me.

Every authorization influences one or more cards in one or more areas of SAP for Me. To reflect this, the table below indicates

  • the area like the Intelligent Home (the start page in SAP for Me) or the Product Details page (which you always see when you drill down to a product).
  • the influenced card
  • the required authorization

By the way. If you are interested, there is also a list of all authorizations that are available for an S-User in the context of SAP ONE Support Launchpad and SAP for Me available for your reference.

Additionally, if you are looking for S-user adminstrators on your side, don’t miss the “My Important Contacts” list in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.


How we are going to continue with the authorization topic in SAP for Me


As mentioned before, we are currently improving how SAP for Me helps you to identify which authorization is needed. Some of the cards already indicate missing authorization. This is the case if a missing authorization results in an empty card. Some cards – like our product list – are affected by multiple authorizations though. If a user does not have one of the authorizations, the relevant column disappears, but the user does not see a message.

Our next major milestone is in mid-September, as we are going to present SAP for Me to a larger audience during the annual congress of the German SAP User Group (DSAG). One week later, at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, we also would like to have some of our enhancements implemented and ready to showcase.

Please stay tuned. 😊


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Before this blog ends, I want to mention my colleagues Elisabeth Prokesch who constantly works in the context of authorization in SAP for Me (and far beyond) as well as Peter Kappelmann, who provided most of the facts for this blog. Thank you, guys.


All the best,

Jürgen Jakowski
Chief Product Owner of SAP for Me

Twitter: @JJComment


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