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Using the SAP Web Dispatcher: SSL, scenarios and more

A little bit more than 3 years ago I wrote three blog posts about SSL setup with the SAP Web Dispatcher:

How to setup the SAP Web Dispatcher with SSL Termination?

How to setup the SAP Web Dispatcher with SSL Re-encryption?

How to setup the SAP Web Dispatcher with End-to-End SSL?

Well, it is time to revisit the subject, explaining things more thoroughly.

More than that, I decided to write this next series of blogs in more than one language (Brazilian Portuguese is the 2nd one, for the time being), so more people can take benefit of the experiments/tests made. A remark: screenshots will be available in English only.

Even more than that, if you are interested in a particular scenario, involving SSL and SAP Web Dispatcher, that is not present in my list (will be updated after each scenario is completed), then leave a comment. According to my spare time, I will try to recreate the scenario and share findings and possible tips.

I intend to create different scenarios, involving not only an SAP Web Dispatcher with an ERP/ECC system. The idea is to create more complex scenarios, involving Enterprise Portal, Fiori Launchpad, SAP Screen Personas and other SAP products.

So, the list begins with:

Basic aspects of setting up an SAP Web Dispatcher with SSL. (click here for the Brazilian Portuguese version)

I am looking forward to your comments.

Kind regards,


PS: This blog in and .

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  • Cristiano, Nice blog.

    We have a Web Dispatcher (Release 749 Patch 929), and SSL enabled for both SAPSSLS.pse and SAPSSLC.pse. We plan to use the single Web Dispatcher for various SAP systems.

    I have question.

    Can we use the single Web Dispatcher for various SSL Scenarios like below?

    SAP Web Dispatcher with SSL Termination?  --> S4HANA, Fiori
    SAP Web Dispatcher with SSL Re-encryption? --> BW HANA
    SAP Web Dispatcher with End-to-End SSL? --> SAP PO


    If this is the scenarios, what are all the global parameters at SAP Web Dispatche level, and parameters at local to a each system?.

    • Hi Prasad,

      Yes, you can use a single web dispatcher for all scenarios you have.

      I only recommend to use a more recent version, per SAP Note 908097.

      About the configuration, it depends on the load you expect to have: it is a tuning matter.




  • Thanks Chris,

    We have selected the SAP Web Dispatcher Version based on our backend SAP Version(s), and its compatibility.

    The SAP note clearly states Version 7.77 is the recommended version for most deployments.

    SAP Web Dispatcher is not a product by itself. To find information like release notes and product availability matrix for SAP Web Dispatcher use the following table. SAP Web Dispatcher release notes are found under the topic "Application Server Infrastructure".


    Based our Backend SAP Release we have selected 7.49, but our SAP Kernel is 753 Patch 629.

    So I am not sure we can make use of the Version 7.77.

    • Hi Prasad,

      You can use version 7.77. It is more dependent of the OS you use rather than the actual product (the web dispatcher can be used even for external systems, i.e. non SAP systems).

      If you use Linux on x86 and PPC LE, Windows or AIX, then you can use this version.