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Behind the Scenes of SAP Design

At SAP Design, we want to improve people’s lives by creating elegant experiences, scaling design to amplify its impact, and shaping the next generation of enterprise leaders. But how do we achieve that?

The Creative Lab team sought to create this video series to share the motivations and passions of our colleagues. We have asked three young colleagues to give us brief insights into their work at SAP Design, what they do to contribute to SAP’s vision, and what advice they would give to career starters.

If this video series interests you, please browse our SAP Design YouTube channel for more design related content.

Lubomir Mateev, User Experience Designer

As a User Experience designer, Lubomir designs business software for business users, ranging from procurement specialists over managers to CEOs. His job is to make everything work as seamless and joyful as possible.

Lubomir’s advice for anyone starting in user experience is to not make any assumptions based on current expertise or knowledge, but to think about the users and what they want. To become a great UX designer, you just need the right mind-set.

Check out the video to find out more about Lubomir’s job.

Laurent Pollefoort, Graphic Designer

Laurent’s goal as a graphic designer is to transform the design strategy into more tangible elements which helps make end users’ work more delightful. With a focus on details and his passion for designing, he creates visual identity with a people-centric approach.

He suggests that young professionals just go ahead and start. Once you have started, ask colleagues for feedback about your work because that’s what connects people.

Lilia Ungefug, UX Researcher

Working as a UX researcher, Lilia needs to be aware of customer needs as well as the requirements of designers and researchers. With her skill set, she gathers all the input that she receives to eventually translate everything into a design; so that both users and designers are happy. Her aim is to ensure that everyone who uses SAP software enjoys working with the user interface, without wasting time trying to figure out how a program works.

Jasmin Weimüller, Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, Jasmin focuses on constantly improving user interaction by influencing how users behave and by shaping their emotions in a positive way. Her objective is that people who use SAP software will have a natural user experience that does not give them the impression they are communicating with a computer.

Her advice to career starters is to never be afraid of asking questions, because asking questions is a crucial aspect for moving forward career-wise.

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