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Author's profile photo Vanita Motwani Mody

CRM/CHARM: Getting the most recent status selected by the user before Save.

In this blog we will talk about the requirement to check the exiting user status selected  before saving a document. In my case, this was needed to capture the current status of a ChaRM document and save the status in a custom table for further processing. 

We know that we can use FM  CRM_ORDER_READ_OW to get the status from the buffer, however this does not always give the most recent status. I first tried using this in BADI ORDER_SAVE, but the current value was never found, the FM would pull the status from the database.

After looking at few other BADIs, I found BADI CRM_STATUS_CHECK to be useful, this has two methods, BEFORE_SAVE and AFTER_SAVE. The code inside BEFORE_SAVE gets called multiple times, and using FM ‘CRM_ORDER_READ_OW’ does not bring the most recent status initially, but it does right before SAVE.

Sample code –

DATA: lt_obj      TYPE crmt_object_name_tab,
ls_obj      TYPE crmt_object_name,
lt_status   TYPE crmt_status_wrkt,
ls_status   TYPE crmt_status_wrk,

DATA: lt_guidh      TYPE crmt_object_guid_tab.
DATA: ls_guidh      LIKE LINE OF lt_guidh,
lt_log_handle TYPE balloghndl.

 CONSTANTS:  lc_object_status   TYPE crmt_object_name VALUE ‘STATUS’.

* Update Staging table for Status changes.
MOVE is_status_wrk-guid TO ls_guidh.
INSERT ls_guidh INTO TABLE lt_guidh.
APPEND lc_object_status TO lt_obj.
CLEAR lv_upd.

it_header_guid       = lt_guidh
it_requested_objects = lt_obj
et_status            = lt_status
cv_log_handle        = lt_log_handle
document_not_found   = 1
error_occurred       = 2
document_locked      = 3
no_change_authority  = 4
no_display_authority = 5
no_change_allowed    = 6
OTHERS               = 7.
IF sy-subrc <> 0.
* Implement suitable error handling here


*Lock custom table.

* Update Custom table with new status user is saving.


Now the new status saved by the user will be available, you can use this status to make any further checks/updates.For example, in my case, I needed to update a custom table with the new status during SAVE.  

You can use method AFTER_SAVE for additional checks or changes after save. For example, unlocking custom table updated.

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      Author's profile photo Radha Krishna Kalari
      Radha Krishna Kalari

      There is no BADI with the name CRM_STATUS_CHECK. 

      CRM_STATUS_CHECK is a function module.? Can you please provide the  correct BADI.