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S/4HANA Stock Room Management

What is SAP S/4HANA stock room management? (June 2019)

Stock room management is a specific offering for installed base customers to continue running their light warehouse management implementation in the context of SAP S/4HANA beyond 2025. License is included in S/4HANA Enterprise Management component.

The main reason for creating the offering named Stock Room Management is to give existing customers of LE-WM an opportunity to keep these warehouses untouched that do not benefit immediately from moving to embedded EWM.

Stock room management is basically the ECC warehouse management component (LE-WM) without capabilities supporting more complex warehouses. Relevant for small warehouses with manual operations (i.e. storage bin management).

Functionalities of LE-WM that are not part of stock room management are:

  • Task & Resource Management (WM-TRM)
  • Warehouse Control Unit interface (WM-LSR)
  • Value Added Service (WM-VAS)
  • Yard Management (WM-YM)
  • Cross-Docking (WM-CD)
  • Wave Management (WM-TFM-CP)
  • Decentral WM (WM-DWM)

There are no innovations planned here and EWM remains the strategic product. Components that are part of the compatibility scope (not stock room management!) must not be used anymore beyond 2025!

2269324 – Compatibility Scope Matrix for SAP S/4HANA on-premise

Best Practices for S/4HANA EWM can be found in this SAP Note:

1606493 – SAP EWM Deployment Options Best Practices

Hint: different storage locations of the same plant can have different warehouse scenarios, this is how you easily can move to EWM step-by-step in a later project, for instance.

New features of embedded EWM in S/4 HANA1809 Release are described in this blog: 

Historical background

As many of us already know in S/4HANA LE-WM ist not supported beyond 2025 and the recommendation was to migrate to EWM. Unfortunately there are no migration tools that can do the job. Hence this ended up in some projects in a lot of effort to introduce EWM (with all its potential features) for customers that only needed the “minimal” functionality.

Details could be read in the SAP Note (maybe an update is following soon):

2577428 – Road map for LE-WM in SAP S/4HANA

When? First shipment is planned in SAP S/4HANA 1909.

UPDATE (Sept. 2019): Key Features as of Release S/4HANA 1909 are described here (see Chapter Stock Room Management):

UPDATE (March 2020): FAQ – Stock Room Management 

UPDATE (June 2020): Scope Compliance Check for Stock Room Management

Example Result:

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  • Hello, thanks a lot for the information given above. Are there any similar plans to keep LE-TRA available within the S/4HANA stack even after the current deadline of 2025?

    Best regards,


      • Hello Marco,

        do I understand the note correctly whereas LE-TRA is still available in S/4HANA and can be used and implemented even after 2025? Of course, given the fact that the range of functionalities is sufficient for the client´s needs.

        "No influence is expected on the current business processes realted to Logistics Execution Transportation (LE-TRA). The related functionality is still availalbe within SAP S/4HANA."

        Thanks a lot,

        Best regards,


        • Hi Susanne,

          After 2025, no.

          The information on stock room management Marco conveyed in this blog is not related to LE-TRA.


          The phrase you quoted from the note is then followed by this (my emphasis):

          Currently, that is until the end of life of the Compatibility Packs, both technical applications (LE-TRA and Basic Shipping) are independent from each other and can be used next to each other in the same SAP S/4HANA database instance.


          LE-TRA is part of the Compatibility Scope you can download in the note that Marco cited above (I’m re-citing here).

          2269324 – Compatibility Scope Matrix for SAP S/4HANA on-premise.

          • Noboru, Marco,

            thanks a lot for your answers.

            I am aware of the fact that this blog post only covers LE-WM, but in my opinion the same arguments for keeping LE-WM available in S/4HANA are applicable to the core LE-TRA functionalities as well.
            If a company is only using basic functions in LE-TRA to create inbound and outbound shipments e.g. in order to send ASNs, Basic Shipping in S/4HANA might be "too much" and to expensive to implement.

            Thanks again,

            Best regards,


      • Hi,

        that is no answer. The answer all the time was that with the end of LE-WM also Lean WM would not be available anymore. So will Lean-WM be available after 2025 or not?



  • Hi Marco,

    Thanks for your all the info.  Do you know what the difference between functionality in S/4 HANA stock room management and the WM compatibility packs offered by SAP in S/4 HANA, besides the latter expiring by the end of year 2025?

  • I am largely in agreement with this approach, but question the removal of the interface to 3rd party systems.  It is possible to have a very basic WM implementation with an ASRS.  An example might be a warehouse that receives raw materials, stages to production, then receives and ships full pallet quantities to a distribution center.  No waves, nothing fancy.  In that scenario, is it really necessary to force a customer to implement EWM with material flow when all they need to do is send a couple of IDOCS back and forth between SAP and the ASRS?

  • I'd like a clarification of a statement in the article -

    "As many of us already know in S/4HANA LE-WM ist not supported beyond 2025 and the recommendation was to migrate to EWM. Unfortunately there are no migration tools that can do the job."

    What are you referring to here exactly? As far as I know there are migration tools to move from WM to EWM in ECC/SCM - but will these not be covered in SAP S/4HANA or how can we interpret that?


    References on migration tools:

  • Hi Marco,

    how exactly is WM-TRM handled in S/4 or Stock Room Management?
    Is coding physically deleted?
    Or can the whole thing still be run in the background?

    or are there other ways to continue using WM-TRM?





    • My Take: I doubt that coding will be deleted right away(*), but your usage rights will just end with 2025.



      (*)but there have been cases, where no-longer-needed coding in S/4HANA was deleted with an upgrade, e.g. when
      IS-M: SAP Media + IS-H: SAP Healthcare
      left with S/4HANA 1809 :

  • Hi Marco.

    Is this functionality available within a 1809 S/4HANA release? Or we will have to update the system to the 1909 when it will be released?

    A customer, that runs S/4HANA 1809, would like to maintain the WM system instead of to install the EWM also beyond 2025.

    Thanks and BR,


    • Hi Roberto,

      I'll try to give my opinion:

      Well, you most likely will not longer run S/4HANA 1809 in the year 2025 . (But a more up-to-date version instead).

      So is your question "is WM part of S/4HANA 1809 (on premise)?" -> yes, as part of the compatibility scope. (as it has already been in previous versions ).

      or is your Question "will WM be part of S/4HANA (on premise) in 2025 and later?" -> yes, as part of "Stock Room Management" -> that is what this announcement is all about!


  • Thanks Marco for the information. But we still have some questions. Our strategy is moving existing WM warehouse into EWM in S4/HANA. But presumably you would know that it is impossible for us until 2025 to move all WM warehouses into EWM (more than 70 WM WHs). Therefore our procedure is using the compatibility mode for WM until 2025. SAP provides now another alternaive solution (Stock room management) without limitation of the year 2025.

    My question is:

    1. Do we need to migrate WM (in compatibilty mode) into stock room management in S4/Hana afterwards?
    2. How about LeanWM in S4/Hana? Does compatibility mode supoprt LeanWM as well?

    thanks in Advance,


  • Hi Marco,


    Thanks for sharing the Valuable and needful information!


    How about the customization in Stock Room Management is different from LE-WM? Is it the same or new changes reflected in S4 HANA1909?


    How about the RF functionality, do we need to make any changes going forward with S4HANA-1909?

    Please share the valuable information for the above queries.


    Prashanth D.

    • I'm pretty sure it's the same coding, it's just another name!

      So it's more of a licence-thing!


      I'd be surprised if you'd have to change customizing or anything!

  • Hi Marco,

    Please, could you inform us about if it´s necessary to install an add-on or activate a business function/BCSet  in order to make this solution available in the S/4HANA 1909 system?

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Very Good information. I do have a few questions.

    1. SRM (Stock Room Management) will have same Transactional documents Such as Transfer requirement, Transfer order, Posting change notices?
    2. Will SRM (Stock Room Management) will have the same LT* Transactions such as LT01, LT04, LT12?
    3. While Migrating from From ECC to S/4 HANA, do we need to reconfigure everything again from WM to SRM (Warehouse Number, strategies) or SAP has some program/reports to migrate?
    4. I know there are some FIORI apps for WM in S/4 HANA. Will that apps continue after 2025 to be used for SRM?

    I appreciate your help & Thanks in Advance.

  • Hello


    Will it be possible to migrate to S4/HANA and in some moment after migrate to EWM for Warehouses with WM & TRM? or should they migrate in the same process to release S4/HANA?

    same questions for descentralized WM.


    Thanks & regards


  • How do you read the color coding in Scope Compliance Check for Stock Room Management Report?  Are the yellows - probable impacts and reds - definite impacts with StRM?

  • Hi Marco,

    Since SAP has a plan to phase out LE-WM and LE-TRA by 2025 and hence we are seeing EWM and TM as a major push in the solution offering. Now because of pushback from current customers and small warehouses/ simple processes we are seeing Stock Room Management as an offering as a workaround for EWM. But we have a customer who in interested in Stock Room Management but would like to have the full functionalities of Transportation Management for its outbound processes. This has a major question of how well Stock Room Mgmt and TM can be integrated.

    As there is no direct integration between LE-WM and TM IMHO we might have to restrict the TM solutions to IM level only (Delivery based) and the Transportation Unit, Door assignment etc functionality will be out of scope.

    Is there a note or any other documentation from SAP that talks of StRM and TM integration. Any reply will be of great help.


    Thanks in advance



  • Hello Marco,

    SAP Note "2881166 - FAQ : Stock Room Management" states:

    "Is Stock Room Management available in the Cloud ?
    No, it is only for On Premise."

    Does this statement only refer to the public cloud or also to the private cloud which is functionally the same as an on-premise system?

    Or more simply asked, can I use Stock Room Management with S/4 Hana Private Cloud?

    Thanks in advance.