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Part 3: Take control of your project success – Get Enabled Now

All digital learning at your fingertips – meet SAP Learning Hub!

All self-paced, digital enablement resources are available through our SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition or the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Edition for Learning Hub. Let’s take a closer look, at what SAP Learning Hub Edition offers in, in terms of self- paced enablement content.

Learning Hub Enterprise Support Edition

Every SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customer, along with their cloud subscription is also entitled to access to the Enterprise Edition of SAP Learning Hub. The following enablement resources are available within the Enterprise Support (ES) Edition

At this point, I would like to highlight, that these above-mentioned ES enablement offerings are available to all SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers. A customer resource only has to complete a one time- sign up to the Enterprise Edition of the Learning Hub to access all of this content.

Learning Hub SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Edition

Additionally, customers who purchased Preferred Success, also have access to 5 User Licenses to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Edition of Learning Hub. Through Learning Hub Edition your resources gain access to all SAP S/4HANA Cloud Learning Journeys and embedded content like:

  • E-Learnings, E-Books across all SAP S/4HANA Cloud Learning Journeys
  • Quarterly – Delta Enablement content, which is key to your Continuous Learning and Stay Current Strategy

The Learning Hub Solution Edition furthermore provides your users with

  • 10 hours of Live Access Training Systems as well as
  • 2 certification exam attempts.

To tackle Experiential Learning, Preferred Success Customers can take advantage of up to 10 hours with the Live Access system and also sign up for the Quarterly – Stay Current Sandbox systems. Customer teams can also sign up for in-class room training courses such as HOS4C and S4C00 at additional charge.

In addition, Preferred Success Subscribers/ Customers also can take advantage of the remote training workshops and webinars, specially curated for Preferred Success customers. Do not forget to ask your CEE or CSM about registration and replays for the Preferred Success Webinars.

In case you need additional users in excess of the 5 provided licenses, or in case you did not take advantage of our Preferred Success offerings, you can learn more about the commercial offering of the different Learning Hub Editions below.

ES Support.png

Solution Edition.png

Professional Edition.png

SAP Learning Hub,

edition for SAP Enterprise Support

SAP Learning Hub,

solution editions

SAP Learning Hub,

professional edition

Help key users, IT and line of business users maximize the value of their SAP software – through access to expert-level webinars, best practices, tutorials, and more. Access to this edition is included with SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Enterprise Support, Cloud Edition.
Learn more | Info sheet | Get started

Designed to accelerate solution implementation, deployment and ongoing enablement among all roles involved in implementation and deployment, this comprehensive online platform offers enterprise-wide access to tailored digital learning resources within eight SAP solution areas. Learn more | Info sheet | Get started

This edition helps IT professionals build and enhance their skills or prepare for certification exams. It offers unlimited access to up-to-the-minute SAP training – online courses, e-books, and more – as well as a dynamic online community and social learning environment.

Learn more | Info sheet | Get started

At this point, let’s take a quick spot check.

All the above covered self-paced enablement content available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customers, via the Enterprise Support Edition of Learning Hub and the Preferred Success Subscription. The self-paced enablement content, spanning across both these catalogs provide holistic learning content to tackle Formal Training around both, self-paced learning for Methodology and LOB content as well as the Quarterly – Delta Stay Current Enablement.

Experiential Training should be looked at, as a second step, only after Formal Training has been completed. Formal concepts around Methodology and LoB concepts must be understood well enough, before attempting to practice these in a class room / live system setting.

Prove your proficiency, get certification and Stay Current

We offer, as mentioned before, dedicated SAP S/4HANA Cloud associate certifications for SAP Activate for S/4HANA Cloud and more importantly for our 6 core Lines of Business ranging from Finance, Procurement and Sales to Manufacturing, Professional Services and Asset Management.

We of course all know that having a certification does not guarantee success at every turn, BUT it guarantees that the consultant and resource holding a valid, current certification, has acquired the respective level of knowledge.

And that is a very important starting point. We therefore strongly recommend that ‘Every implementation team member (especially on the side of the Partner or SAP) should hold a current certification in the Lines of Business they are leading’. Project managers, solution architects, and technical experts should prove their SAP Activate knowledge through the respective certification.

Having certified customer resources ensures that the customer team can work towards establishing a Center of Excellence and drive an increased adoption of features and innovations, that are shipped on a quarterly basis.

In this context the Stay Current Program will support your team in understanding the solution roadmap, upcoming changes, innovations, and re-imagined functionalities which help your IT team to prepare for an upgrade and also to plan Key & End user training on new functionalities.

Our recommendation is therefore for the lead resources on the customer’s side to be certified and to follow the Stay Current path.
The list of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Methodology and LoB Certifications can be found

SAP Global Certification digital badges

After passing one of our proctored certification exams a resource can promote their proficiency in SAP subject areas using SAP Global Certification digital badges, alongside traditional qualifications and professional accreditation. All digital badges for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Line of Business Certifications come with an expiry date that make it easy to validate whether a resource is current on the latest release.

In case a resource is not current on the latest release the digital badge will show as expired.

So, finding out whether one of your own resources or one of your partner resources has passed the latest SAP S/4HANA Cloud exams could not be easier – Just ask for their digital badge.

To learn more about digital badges check out our recent official launch announcement here.
Click here for a listing of all
available SAP Digital Badges.

Digital Badges.jpg

What to expect from your implementation partner?

And finally, while you as a customer ensure all your due diligence in building an enabled and ideally certified pool of resources on your team, we also recommend that you drive the same conversations and expectations with your implementation partner.

Always encourage a transparent conversation with your SAP Sales Representative, to understand your partner’s proficiency before choosing an implementation partner, and to deploy certified partner resources on your project

Key considerations while choosing an implementation partner (in terms of Certifications)

  1. Does the partner have sufficient Certified Resources to address your LOB implementation requirements?
  2. Do these resources have the required Stay Current credentials backing their certifications?
  3. After signing with an implementation partner, are the partner’s Certified Consultants being deployed on your project?

Soon, we will follow up this blog post, with a more detailed qualification guidance on the profile of an ideal SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation Partner. For now, I hope you found this blog post on Enablement Guidance useful.

I look forward to your feedback, suggestions and questions.

You missed the first and second part? Find it here: Part 1 and Part 2.

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