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Closing Change Projects with Form Template and Email Template Changes in S/4 Hana Cloud

When closing a Change Project, the last thing you want to see is an error message.  It slows the entire process and prevents changes from getting to the Productive environment.  The purpose of this Blog is twofold: first, to outline the process for solving form and email template change errors in S/4 Hana Cloud (in this case, with version 1905) while trying to close a Change Project, and second, to provide a quick, proactive process to confirm if any forms or email templates have been updated to prevent the errors from occurring in the first place.

  1. Solving form and email template change errors.

Error message: Form template has not been exported. Export it and import to Production. Email template has not been exported. Export it and import to Production. Status of Q2P Project cannot be closed. An exception was raised.

S4HC requires that custom Form templates and Email templates be transported to the Production system via the Export/Import Software Collection App prior to the Change Project closing. If this procedure is not completed prior to transporting the software collection, you will see the above errors.

Exporting/Importing Software Collections in S4HC 1905

  1. Search App “Export Software Collection” in your Quality System and select.
  2. Create Software Collection and add custom forms and email templates.
  3. Once the custom forms and email templates have been added to the Software Collection, export the collection.
  4. After the software collection has successfully exported from Q, log in to P
  5. Once logged into P, search App “Import Software Collection” and select.
  6. Once in the App locate the Software Collection housing the custom form and email templates.
  7. Select the collection (status should say “Ready for Import”)
  8. While in the Software Collection, select import.
  9. You have successfully exported a Software Collection with custom forms and email templates from Q and imported them into the P system.

You may now go back into the Change Project and close the project successfully.

  1. Quick proactive process to check if forms or email templates need to be transported to P before closing the change project.

Preventing form and email template issues when closing Change Projects

  1. Go to app “Export Software Collection”
  2. Select one of your Software Collections.
  3. Review the last date of activity for each item in the software collection.
  4. If the item in your software collection has activity that occurred during the current change project. This software collection will need to be exported from the Q system and imported to P before you can close the change project.
  5. Follow these steps for all Software Collections prior to closing the current change project.

Now that you have successfully identified Sofware Collections that need to be transported from Quality to Production. You may now move to the next stage of closing your Change Project.

A few takeaways from this blog is that Form Templates and Email Templates must be compiled into a Software Collection and once that Software Collection has been created and the forms and templates have been added, you can transport that collection from Q to P allowing the Change Project to be closed and config pushed to P. In the event this does not happen, you’ll be unable to close the change project and you will receive error messages.

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