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Author's profile photo Sudheer Anugu

Advantco Adapter-Amazon S3 Integration made simple with SAP CPI


In below blog I would like to share how we can integrate Amazon S3 using SAP CPI – Advantco AWS Adapter


Lets create simple scenario to create file in Amazon S3 Bucket using Advantco Adapter

Before we start – lets talk on other options to achieve this, we can do this using SCP Open connectors service, very good blog shared by saiprasad or using SDI or CPI-DS – please check reference section for the blogs

However open connectors service involves cost and I wanted to see if any other options available just for CPI- AWS integration and glad that I found Advantco adapter which is readily available for no additional cost along with advanced options when compared with open connectors

Go to Discover from CPI tenant and type [SAP OEM] Amazon WS Adapter by Advantco and then go to download option from service market place, once you download and extract you can see all installation and config pdf files, follow the guide to setup

Note:the custom adapter can be installed only using eclipse as WEB UI does not have integration adapter deploy aircraft available






SAP Note:- additionally you can install other Advantco OEM adapters like for no additional cost

  • Salesforce Adapter by Advantco
  • SugarCRM Adapter by Advantco
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter by Advantco

Test IFLOW : Convert XMl to CSV and create a file in AWS S3 Bucket



Advantco receiver channel config

To get access key and secret key – please follow the blog by saiprasad in reference section and go to section Configuration in AWS[ IAM service Configuration ]:

Note: Secret key mandatory to be deployed as secure parameter


Advantco receiver channel advance options config

Variable substitution, conversion and other out of box options are available


Deploy the IFLOW and you should be able to see the file created in AWS S3 bucket

Login to and you can create S3 bucket manually or CPI adapter can create one for you if it does not exists


Check file which is created in S3 bucket

Validate the File created in S3 bucket


Create a free tier AWS account and you can explore other options like life cycle policy to archive files



Sudheer Reddy








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      Author's profile photo Vijayashankar Konam
      Vijayashankar Konam

      Hello Sudheer. Thanks for the blog. Did you figure out how the adapter works for larger files? And sending larger files in chunk to CPI and then to S3? I am talking about file of sizes in GB. Any insights would be helpful!


      Vijay Konam (VJ)

      Author's profile photo Ashish Bahl
      Ashish Bahl

      Hello Vijay, Thanks for your question. There is no technical limitation on the file size. Let me know if you have any other questions. We can organize a demo for you, kindly contact me at



      Ashish Bahl

      Author's profile photo Sebastian Seiler
      Sebastian Seiler

      Hello Sudheer,

      do you have any suggestions how to manipulate the object key dynamically?
      As far as I’ve seen this can only be set as a fixed value:

      In the Advanced configuration you can change the creation mode:

      However, this is not flexible and we’d like to set header or exchange parameters as file name instead. Is there any option to address them here?

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Sudheer Anugu
      Sudheer Anugu

      Hi Sebastian,


      very much possible with variable substitution, set variable as #variablename#


      you can read headers value in variable substitution using message:HeaderName


      you can read property value in variable substitution using exchange:PropertyName





      Author's profile photo Sebastian Seiler
      Sebastian Seiler

      Hi Sudheer,

      right before your answer, I’ve found out myself. 🙂


      Anyway thanks for your fast reply.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Rajesh PS
      Rajesh PS

      Hello Sudheer Anugu

      Great blog and thanks for informative blog.

      I would like to know if kafka adapter supports SAP CPI full fletched & how flexible it is (in comparison with SAP PO Kafka adapter) ?


      Secondly does SAP CPI supports schema registry as of now, and also avro & json conversions?

      Is it a tactical long term reliable solution to use via SAP CPI ? Not sure about the license cost and post using Kafka adapter which should not ideally end up in capacity or feature constraints ?


      Sebastian Seiler

      Ashish Bahl

      Looking forward for your valuable thoughts in elucidate. Thanks in advance!