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Automatically Generate Packaging Items in EWM

This blog includes the stocking of the packaging material used in the EWM system and automatically adding new items to the delivery in the EWM system based on the packaging material used in the delivery.

 The identification and adaptation of the new item type for stock tracking of the packaging material is described step by step below.

 First of all, we generate packaging material with purchasing data, plant data 1 and 2, accounting 1 and 2, and WM data. Because at this time, we follow packaging material in stocks.



In creation of material, Sales: General/Plant Data screen, packaging material type is very necessary information. If it doesn’t fill, we don’ t find material in EWM packaging list.



If you don’t know packaging material type, you will find in SPRO.

You will follow SPRO – SCM Extended Warehouse Management – Cross-Process Settings – Handling Units – Basics – Define Packaging Material Types.



 In WM Execution screen, Standard HU type must be filled and also WM packaging screen, Handling Unit type must be filled.



As usual, we make goods receipt of the packaging material according to the purchase order. There are no changes to this step. However, we should not forget to make stock status F2 in order to be able to use it in the delivered delivery.



EWM Packaging customizing, you will activate BC set. BC set ID is SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_PACK

 Transaction : SCPR20

BC Set : /SCWM/DLV_OUTBOUND_PACK – Outbound Delivery Process: Generated Packaging Items.

 BC set contents two BC sets.



 If you take /scwm/goodmovemnt002 error, you should check process profile and process profile item. ,

IMG path : SCM Extended Warehouse Management – Cross-Process Settings – Delivery – Warehouse Request – Process Management and Control – Define Process Profile for Document Header and Define Process Profile for Document Item.



Automatically generation packaging item Works with warehouse number and document category item definitions and also stock type.

 You should determine warehouse number, document cat., and assign packaging material type.

IMG Path : Extended Warehouse Management – Goods Issue Process – Outbound Delivery – Automatically Generate Packaging Items



Sales: General/Plant Data screen in material master data, we filled packaging material type, now we determine packaging material type.



At last step in customizing, define new item type OPHU and select stock type.



For goods issue strategy, define storage bin from transaction /SCWM/GMBIN_DET.

Easy Access – Extended Warehouse Management- Settings – /SCWM/GMBIN_DET – Maintain Goods Movement Bin Determination


 Example :

In outbound delivery, you must pack product with stored packing material; it is very important point.



Generation packaging item works after selecting goods issue and packing material quantity is equal to HU quantity.



Hopefully this blog has helped you.


Best Regards.



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