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EC MDF Payment information

This blog details the crux of end to end basic configuration and set-up of MDF Payment information for customers after release b1508 without the migration option.

Prerequisites for config:

  • Step 1: Provisioning settings
    • Enable new Payment Information under Company setting (MDF-based, effective-dated, and employment-specific).
    • All the MDF based payment objects are activated based on the above provisioning setting
  • Step 2: Enabling Validation switches
    • Admin Center ->Company System and logo setting-> Enable Bank Account Validation & Enable Payment information Validation
    • Based on the requirements, the validation switches for Bank Account and Payment information can be enabled or disabled
  • Step 3: Setting up RBP
    • Configure Object Definition -> Payment Information-> Take Action -> Make Correction
    • In Securities section , set-up the following
    • Admin Center-> Manage Permission role->Permission- >Miscellaneous Permission – Check permissions for the objects Payment Method, Payment Method Assignment, Payment Information, Payment Information Detail, Payment Information Detail for relevant
  • Step 4: Payment Method
    • Payment method is a mandatory config which is available for creation after the RBP setting above
    • Manage Data-> Payment Method-> Create/Edit or Delete entries based on the requirements
    • Please be noted that all Payment information templates available in SF refer to following standard Payment methods. So in case of using different payment methods and names please be mindful to tweak the required Business rules and Config UI.Also, please refrain from using code 07 and 08 as they are preserved

Setting up Payment Information:

  • Step 1: Setting up the Configuration UI
    • The standard configuration UI can be imported from the SuccessStore or a custom UI can be created from scratch.
    • For standard UI,Admin Centre->Import and Export Data-> Import Data-> SuccessStore tab. If you do not happen to find the Payment information portlet available please change the default language to EN(US) in provisioning and try again as explained in KBA
    • Post import, best practice to make a own copy to use it in configuration
    • Manage Configuration UI->Search for standard UI . Change the ID for your config purpose and save
  • Step 2: Mapping the Configuration UI
    • Admin Centre-> Manage Data -> Search Personal Information screen lookup-> Payment Information V3.
    • The UI mentioned in this screen is reflected during “Add New employee”

Setting up the required Business Rules:

  • Step 1: Importing the standard rules

    • Admin Centre->Import and Export Data-> Import Data-> SuccessStore tab.
    • As this is a MDF object, the required and relevant Business rules are added via Admin Centre-> Configure Object Definition-> Search Payment Information/ Payment Information Detail as appropriate

Adding Payment information to People Profile:

  • Step 1:
    • Configure People Profile-> Add Live Profile MDF Information and select the configured MDF screen ID as below
    • It is always recommended to have the use same screen ID for both Configure People profile and Personal information screen lookup

When it comes to alert for changes for Payment information portlet, it can be set-up as MDF alert. This concludes the basic set-up of the Payment information.


The above write-up helps you to set up the MDF Payment Information portlet. Of course being a sensitive portlet there would be specific requirements based on the countries or payment methods asĀ  relevant by Clients which would heavily depend on the rules. So this would act as a foundation and base before you deep-dive into the rules for further fine tuning.


  • EC Payment information guide
  • KBAs from the link

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      it is helpful information .




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      Devi manthiram

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