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SMP (MBO) – Improve Database Performance by: DBUnload

To improve your SMP (MBO / Runtime) performance and solve some database issues, your databases needs to be rebuild regularly (every 3 / 4 months), so let’s get to it!

SMP(MBO) is still “in the game”, according to SAP PAMs for a few years:

Regarding the Unload procedure, there are some materials on executing the procedure by Command Line and more explanations: 72)

My Goal here is to show how to do it in a “Graphical” way, easier for some of you, so let’s do it:

Go to the SMP Server, stop SMP from the command line or the graphical shortcut:

After the server is down, go into the UnwiredServer data folder:


There, it will have 4 database and their .log files:

1 – clusterdb.db

2 – default.db

3 – domainlog.db

4 – monitordb.db


The activities described here needs to be completed for the 4 databases listed above. Now, I will conduct the activities for the clusterdb.db database file, so please repeat the steps for the other 3…


As a good practice, create a Backup folder to move the actual database files, just in case:

Also, create a folder to hold the temporary unloaded database files:

Start the SCJView, if the shortcut is not the desktop look for the scjview.exe. It will be in the SQL Anywhere folder of the SMP server:

Usually the username is dba and password sql. If not, you should contact the person responsible for the installation. Select the options exactly as the print below, specially with the path (described above) for the table that you are unloading.

If connected with success, please select the Unload Database option:

Select like the images below, and press Next.


The unloading process will start, depending on the table size; it can take several minutes or hours.

Once is completed, now go to the temporary folder and check the new files and their size.

Here you can make a calculation on how the database has decreased (size %), in this case it was: 43,98%.

Now, copy and replace from Temp folder to the main folder: *SAP\MobilePlatform\Servers\UnwiredServer\data.

After the work is done for the 4 .db files listed, start the server again. (The shortcut should be in the server desktop).


The window will close automatically after the server is up.

Log in to SCC, the server should be running:

So now, all the related databases are “brand new” with at least 49% size reduction. Your app will be running faster and so will you’re database MBO operations. Include this procedure in your calendar to be executed every 3 / 4 months, to keep your DB and App in top performance.


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      Author's profile photo Ibrahim Eisa
      Ibrahim Eisa

      Dear Jose,

      Thanks for your great blog it shows us which road should be follow


      Unfortunately pictures  are not shown , would you please to send me completed blog with images as we need it urgently


      thanks &/ appreciated support