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SAP Cloud Platform Integration is Now Available on Cloud Foundry (CF) Environment!!

We are extremely happy to announce that SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP’s flagship on-demand integration solution, is now available on Cloud Foundry environment. With this update, you can leverage the advantages offered by Cloud Foundry like auto scaling, centralized logging, and dynamic routing. The centralized cockpit of SAP Cloud Platform ensures that you can easily administer your Cloud Integration applications on the new Cloud Foundry environment and Neo environment from one global account.

Self-Service for Provisioning Your Cloud Integration Tenant on CF

To further simplify your user experience, we are providing a self-service for provisioning an SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant on Cloud Foundry with a few simple steps. You can enable your own tenant only if you have a Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) license.

To provision your Cloud Integration tenant on Cloud Foundry environment, please follow the steps mentioned here: Official documentation on If you prefer a resource with screenshots, refer to this Blog On Self-Service Enablement of Cloud Integration Service on Cloud Foundry Environment

What About Trial?

If you would like to try out SAP Cloud Platform Integration on Cloud Foundry, you can provision a tenant on your existing trial account by following the steps in the aforementioned blog. However, steps 1 and 2 will not be applicable for trial accounts. For more details on SAP Cloud Platform Integration trial, check out these resources: Trial section of the Cloud Integration Product Page or SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Test and learn more about SAP’s cloud based integration solution

Currently, a subset of features available on Neo environment for SAP Cloud Platform Integration is available on the Cloud Foundry (CF) environment. We are currently working on ensuring that all features on Neo will be supported on Cloud Foundry also in the coming months. For a detailed list of features not supported on the CF environment, check out this release restriction note.

Please try out SAP Cloud Platform Integration on Cloud Foundry environment and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Hi,

    Does anybody has the following error when tries to deploy?


    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Did not receive response from Generation and build service


    Please if any can help me with it.

    • Hi Daniel,

      Can you please share a screenshot of the iflow you are trying to deploy? By any chance, is it something that you reused from a template?

      Best Regards, Gautham

  • Hi,

    Even I am facing this issue “[CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Did not receive response from Generation and build service” in my trial account. This same application had deployed previously and now when I undeploy and deploy again (without any changes), it fails.

    Do we have any solution for this?


    Kind regards,


    • Hi Prothoma,

      Thanks for the reply, I deleted all the suscription to CPI and the CF instance to start over, and now I event can’t suscribe to the service, now I’m having the following message:

      “Could not subscribe to Process Integration. Please try again. If the problem persists, open a ticket using the BCP component LOD-HCI-PI and include the job ID 75a49176-827f-461a-981a-094c268c69b9 and the correlation ID 75a49176-827f-461a-981a-094c268c69b9”
      And I can’t even create a ticket because it demands me an account associated to a client.
      I’m still trying to contact SAP to see if somehow I can get help to completelly delete the process and start again.
      Thank you again!
      • Hi Daniel,

        Can you please share the subdomain in which you are trying to subscribe to process integration & facing issues?

        Also, as a workaround, you can create a new subaccount and try the subscription process again. It should ideally work.

        Thanks & Best Regards, Gautham

  • Hi Gautham,

    My subdomain id is : i521931trial. I observed that the issue existed on Oct 31 for the entire day where I was not able to deploy any of my working flows in CF. But when I tried again on Nov 3, I was able to deploy a flow. So teh behaviour was a bit random.


    Kind regards,


  • Update:

    After trying and trying to deploy, it finally did work and i have tested the flow successfully. It seems, it gets some timeout when deploying. If you look at the logs while deploying, it says it might take up to 30 minutes to complete. Maybe trial accounts queues have less priority 😉

    Anyways, thanks again!



    First of all, thanks for this trial tenant. After provisioning I am facing the same problem with generation:

    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Did not receive response from Generation and build service


    I am following this tutorial:

    I am also having a warning at design time saying:

    “Http Sender Component may not pass Json message to JSON To XML Converter. JSON To XML Converter supports Json input only.”



    • Hi Simon,

      Thank you for the feedback. Can you please share your global account and subdomain ID please for further investigation?

      For the warning in iflow, you dont have to worry since postman is sending a JSON payload only 🙂

      Best Regards, Gautham

      • Hi Gautham,

        I am also getting the same error

        I followed the tutorial until I tried to deploy and it failed, I then tried again and it actually deployed.

        After that I wanted to add a step and redeploy and it started failing again.

        then I removed my changes and it is still not deploying.




        • Hello Amin,

          Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned in my general comment below, we are working on improving this experience. Sorry for the inconvenience.

          Best Regards, Gautham

  • Dear All,

    Due to the overwhelming response to the trial, thanks to all of you, it might happen that the provisioning request or integration flow deployment will fail. I request you to please try again after a while. In most cases, it will work.

    In parallel, we will work to ensure that this process is as seamless as possible without any update. I will keep you posted on the progress.

    Thank you for your understanding & patience 🙂

    Best Regards, Gautham

  • Hi Gautham Krishna,

    I am getting the same error after deploying the IFLOW: [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Did not receive response from Generation and build service

    Please help to get it resolved.

    My account details are given below:

    • Global Account: P720952trial
    • Subaccount: trial
    • Subdomain: P720952trial
    • Organization: P720952trial_trial

    Thanks for your quick help!!

    Best regards,

    Guru Dutt





    • Hi Guru,

      I had a similar problem recently. The connection source in the Model operation for Odata connection was set to “Local EDMX file” rather than “Remote.” It seems to reset the value if you press select a second time prior to saving the integration flow. After correcting the connection source and saving I am prompted to  create a new schema version, which I did! I then could deploy the integration flow successfully.

      I hope that helps you!



  • Same error for me after trying to deploy for 10 times.

    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Did not receive response from Generation and build service


    Global Account: P1040721trial – Subaccount:trial


    The workaround by Troy Premberton did not work for me 🙁


    Best regards,





  • Hi Gautham Krishna,

    I am getting the same error after deploying the IFLOW so many times from the past week:

    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Did not receive response from Generation and build service

    Could you please help me on this.

    please find my account details.

    • Global Account: P2001858343trial
    • Subaccount: trial

    Thanks & Regards,


  • High, I’m Activating CPI tenant but it hangs at 73 %:

    Tenant provisioning is in progress and it can take 20 minutes. Please wait for the provisioning to complete before creating service broker instances

    20 minutes have been passed already (more than 1 hour). Do I need more patience or is there something wrong?


    • Dear Emile,

      As I understand from your email, this issue is resolved for you now & you have provisioned your tenant successfully.
      Please let me know if you face any further issues.

      Thanks & Best Regards,


  • Hi Gautham Krishna,


    I am facing error:- “Error 1:
    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Error generating Integration Flow” while deploying integration content.



    Rajesh Ginka

  • Hello,

    I am attempting to provision the Process Integration Application, however when I hit the “Provision” button I get the following error:

    ‘Tenant provisioning has failed. Create service broker instances only after successful provisioning. Please try after some time.”
    I have waited 4 hours, created a new subaccount, confirmed that I have the correct entitlements, subscriptions, and have followed the guide correctly. Can you please inform me as to what I can do to resolve this issue?
    Global Account ID: { 8b584c97-ae6f-4705-a0af-2b8a5891e9f6 }
    SubAccount ID: { 828584c6-7245-4372-9884-df48e873af5e }
    Thank you,
  • Hi Gautham,

    I am trying to deploy a simple Flow which trigger message in content
    modifier using timer event and i am trying to capture it in data
    stores but when tried to deploy it i am getting deployment error please
    find the attached screenshot .


  • Hi Gautham Krishna,

    I am also facing below error after deploying the IFLOW detailed in tutorial using CPI trial:

    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Direct buffer memory

    Please help to get it resolved.

    My account details are given below:

    • Global Account: S0020695826trial
    • Subaccount: mock4

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Best regards,



    • Hi Gautham Krishna,,

      Hope you’re fine, just to report that issue related to Direct buffer memory is gone (after multiple trials for deploying), now Endpoint has been generated however the status seems to be stuck on “The integration Flow is starting”. Kindly see screenshot below.

      On it’s mentioned on question 32 this topic as common issue, however the URL referred (SAP KBA 2648752) is not OK, please could you provide any support on this?

      Q: My iFlow is stuck in “Starting” status, how to solve it?

      A: You can find all guidance over this issue in the SAP KBA 2648752 – Unable to Deploy Integration Flow.


      Thanks in advance,


  • Gautham Krishna,

    I am also facing the same issue,

    [CONTENT][CONTENT_DEPLOY][GenerationFailed] : Direct buffer memory

    Global AccountID : 0664dd60-7ee3-4b49-a24c-6d260c814d45

    SubAccountID : da692277-3f8f-40fa-bf74-d22287005750