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SAP Cloud Platform Integration is Now Available on Cloud Foundry (CF) Environment!!

We are extremely happy to announce that SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP’s flagship on-demand integration solution, is now available on Cloud Foundry environment. With this update, you can leverage the advantages offered by Cloud Foundry like auto scaling, centralized logging, and dynamic routing. The centralized cockpit of SAP Cloud Platform ensures that you can easily administer your Cloud Integration applications on the new Cloud Foundry environment and Neo environment from one global account.

Self-Service for Provisioning Your Cloud Integration Tenant on CF

To further simplify your user experience, we are providing a self-service for provisioning an SAP Cloud Platform Integration tenant on Cloud Foundry with a few simple steps. You can enable your own tenant only if you have a Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) license.

To provision your Cloud Integration tenant on Cloud Foundry environment, please follow the steps mentioned here: Official documentation on If you prefer a resource with screenshots, refer to this Blog On Self-Service Enablement of Cloud Integration Service on Cloud Foundry Environment

What About Trial?

If you would like to try out SAP Cloud Platform Integration on Cloud Foundry, you can provision a tenant on your existing trial account by following the steps in the aforementioned blog. However, steps 1 and 2 will not be applicable for trial accounts. For more details on SAP Cloud Platform Integration trial, check out these resources: Trial section of the Cloud Integration Product Page or SAP Cloud Platform Integration – Test and learn more about SAP’s cloud based integration solution

Currently, a subset of features available on Neo environment for SAP Cloud Platform Integration is available on the Cloud Foundry (CF) environment. We are currently working on ensuring that all features on Neo will be supported on Cloud Foundry also in the coming months. For a detailed list of features not supported on the CF environment, check out this release restriction note.

Please try out SAP Cloud Platform Integration on Cloud Foundry environment and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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    • Hi,

      Can you please tell us why you call this a hiccup? 🙂

      If you are having issues, please let us know & we are more than happy to support you!

      Thanks & Regards, Gautham

      • Hi Gautham,


        It’s just an informal figure of speech! 🙂


        Appalla has been very responsive with the issues so far, and it is very much appreciated. Will continue trying it out and let you guys know if any other issues come up.



        Eng Swee

  • I was able to create some scenarios and those work fine. I was playing with subscribe and unsubsribe. seems like it takes lot of time to delete tenant, when i unsubscribe to service.

  • Hi Gautham Krishna,

    thank you for the great news!

    Evertime I tried to get a CPI Demo Tenant, I got a failure (see screenshot):



    I tried to provision yesterday many times, waited and tried again with no success,

    Today the same issue exists…

    I don’t think that waiting and trying later will solve the problem.

    Could you please help me?

    Best regards from Karlsruhe, Germany


    • HI Altan,

      We noticed this issue & already worked on it. Can you please check again & let me know if the provisioning still fails?

      Best Regards, Gautham

  • Hi Gautham,


    I checked again.


    Now, I was able to perform the provisioning.


    Thank you and your team for solving the issue.


    Best Regards,



    • Hi Altan,

      Thanks for letting me know 🙂 & happy to help. Please keep us posted if you have any further feedback.

      Best Regards, Gautham

  • Hi Gautham,

    I could not able to deploy iflows in trail  the status of iflows is in starting status only i have tried to undeploy and  deploy it worked yesterday in this way with other iflows, but today  tried many times it is not deploying coming as deployment failed as below always(IFLOW status as starting), can you please help





    • Hello Pavan,

      Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Our team will fix it & I will update you once it is done.

      Thanks & Regards, Gautham

  • Hello Gautham,

    today we cannot use the CPI because of the known issue “Where to?”.

    Hope the ops team can fix this issue.

    Thank you for your support.

    Best Regards, Altan


    Screenshot of the issue:

  • Hello Gautham,


    Looks like I am not able to perform the provisioning after several attempt and seem not even to subcribe to PI now. Any help to resolve this? Thank you.


    Allen Chew

    • HI Allen,

      I request you to please raise a ticket on the BCP component mentioned in the message. The issue seems very specific and we need to further investigate. Also, please don’t forget to quote the correlation ID.

      Thanks & Regards, Gautham

  • Hello Gautham,


    When I try to do tenant provisioning, the progress stuck at 75 and never move further. Any Idea on how to resolve this error?



    Jun Yan

  • Hello Gautham,


    when I try to deploy an IFlow in the Cloud Foundry CPI trial environment the deployment always fails.

    Is this a known issue with the trial? Is there any help to resolve this?


    Best regards,

    Josef Pozny