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Author's profile photo Pampa Ray

LSMW to create -Basic Pay Infotype 0008 up to 20 Wagetypes

LSMW is a tool widely used to upload mass data from legacy system to SAP in HCM and other modules. We often face scenario when we need to upload mass data to Infotype 0008 where employees have more than 7 wagetypes and we require to scroll down to add all entries. We usually use BDC in such cases as LSMW does not record scroll down on screen.

Here, I will share some additional steps which will allow you to maintain upto 20 wagetypes in IT0008 by LSMW without using BDC. The rest of the steps are same as we usually do in LSMW.

Step: Recording

We need to record 3 transactions as follows:

Recording 1: T Code PA30: Create IT0008 for first 7 wagetypes.



Recording 2: T Code PA30: Copy the same record created in last step and scroll down to next screen to add 7 more wagetypes. Save your entries.




Recording 3: T Code PA30: Copy the same record created in last step and scroll down to next screen to add last 6 wagetypes. Save your entries.



In this way you have recorded all 20 wagetypes in 3 recordings as follows.

Maintain the recording in proper sequence you wish to be executed


Step: Maintain Source Structures

Maintain 3 structures as follows:


Step: Maintain Source Fields

Maintain source Fields for all 3 structures





Step: Maintain Structure relations

Add 3 structures to the 3 recordings sequentially



Execute auto Field Mapping for all fields.



Step: Specify File:

Create 3 separate files for same employees with different wagetypes in data

Delete the header line from the data and save all Excels to 3 Tex File (Tab Delimited)




Specify 3 files created above


Step: Assign file

Assign all of them to the structures created as below

Your LSMW is ready to execute for 20 wagetypes. Execute all the below steps to complete the data load:


Once your execution is done check the record in IT0008 for the relevant employees and  should get all wagetypes in your employee’s Basic Pay Infotype.


This is the way how we can create Infotype 0008 having upto 20 wagetypes without using BDC.

Appreciate your feedback or suggestions.

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      Author's profile photo Functional Team Team
      Functional Team Team

      Very nice Pampa! Waiting for many more.

      Author's profile photo SANDEEPAN NANDY CHOWDHURY

      Its really nice... Eagerly waiting for some more. 

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Very nice.  I'm not an HR expert.   But can you use the LSMW in the later HANA releases.  I know LSMW would not work for a lot of them, and we used LTMOM, LTMC.

      Just curious,

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Britto M
      Britto M


      I tried this and it's not working. Can you Pls elaborate the steps ?