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Manager Alert: Are You Doing The Performance Appraisals Right?

Remember the old times when you used to curse your manager for doing the unjust appraisal? Now, you are a manager and you know the plight clearly. Alas! you cannot be “The good boss” in every employee’s eye. But, if none of them likes you or the appraisals done by you, you are smart enough to understand the indication. Maybe just like your manager, you are also being unjust to your team.

So, in this blog, we tell you if you are doing the appraisals rightly or not. Take a look as we reveal the most common mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly by you.

Performance appraisal and development

As a manager, you should be focusing on working on the employee skills and abilities and making him learn more so that he can upgrade himself for the job position. If you fail to provide them with the development plans for the coming year, they will feel discouraged and unimportant.

You could have discussed the skills and abilities of the employee and then told him how you are together going to work on it. What you expect in the coming year from the company and how the training wouldn’t just help the organisation but elevate him as well.

Performance appraisal and pay

Usually, performance management software is considered sufficient for the appraisal according to the same. There are various parameters that need to be considered apart from the data on the software. The unquantifiable parameters are the behavior in general, the loyalty of the employee, the core values, dedication and much more.

You can only observe this on your own or collect feedback from the colleagues.

Performance appraisal and conversation

The year-end performance appraisal meeting is often misunderstood as one of those meetings where manager nitpicks and appreciates. For an employee, it ends up sounding more like a lecture. Who would want that? Every employee wants to be heard. There may be something over the year that the employee didn’t like about the company or you. He should also be given a chance to say his part.

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Performance appraisal and meetings

Performance appraisal is not meant to be done annually. Employees require feedback more frequently than that. Moreover, meeting at least two times in a month with the team and discussing the project won’t just make them feel important and appreciated but will also help you in keeping a better tab on employee performance. The small but frequent performance reviews also help you do right appraisals at the annual performance appraisal meeting. You just cannot blindly trust performance management software as there may be some KRAs and KPIs that you may have skipped mentioning.

We have pointed out the most common mistakes that happen during performance appraisal meetings. Now it’s your turn to figure out for yourself if you are the manager who is committing these mistakes. Correct the mistakes and be the “good manager”, at least in your eyes!

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