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Multiple Packing List Overview

Business Case:

Most Often Business Needs to print the Packing List for the Deliveries they do every day. This will Normally happen when they Create the Delivery and Pack the delivery with a handling Unit and after assign a serial Number if needed and assign an output type which in turn assigned with a form to get printed. This will normally happen for a single delivery.

However, if Business want a Combined List of packing for Multiple Deliveries of different Orders standard SAP does not provide any provision rather using shipments concepts Or Combine different Order deliveries into one.

This small Blog provides an idea of a solution for such kind of situations and mostly provides a go about strategy for Constructing the same to get a single packing List for Multiple deliveries of Different Orders.



The solution construction idea can be as follows. We can get the multiple packing list of Different Orders of a same Customer. However, this can vary from consulting perspective.

The Construction strategy includes

  1. An Input screens
  2. A grid screen which provides details on the deliveries for selection to get printed
  3. A print program which converts the selected deliveries details into a PDF of packing List.


  1. Input Screen: 


We can plan to fetch the existing deliveries Based upon a Customer (Ship To Party) Or Delivery/ or Plant /or Creation Date /Or Sales order or any thing based upon a User Requirement.

A sample input screen shot is pasted here. However, any of the fields like the Plant can be made mandatory or the Creation Date can be made defaulted with 6 Month period from the current date.





       2   A Grid Screen with Delivery details


We can write the program coding in such a way that if we input Customer for Example, the program will identify the Sale Order Deliveries of that Ship to Customer and populate the below header details upon execution of the Input screen within that date range.




Hardly the above Header Contains the Deliveries with Items of that Customer and their Packing details and the Item Batch Details.


If the Sale Orders is given as Input the program coding is written in such a way that the program will fetch the deliveries of those sale Orders which have the same customer and populates the details into the grid.


The Logic will be simple based upon the Input the Sale Order Tables VBAK, VBAP and the Delivery Tables Like LIKP and LIPS and the Packing tables like VEKP and VEPO and the batch tables like MCHA or MCHB and if serial Numbers are involved SER01 etc


Rest is with ABAP statements to construct the program to get populated as a Grid in the Chronological way.


3.  A print program which converts the selected deliveries details into a PDF of packing List.


In Order to get the PDF of the Deliveries packing details into a single list in the Menu Bar we can provide a Print preview Button upon press the program coding identify the selected deliveries and checks if they belong to same Customer and will call upon the Driver program which populates the Grid details into the PDF which is with a predefined Form created per User criteria with a Header and Footer Details along with the Item details of the packing of each Item .





A sample one I am showing here



The PDF can be made with populated with the Items in a delivery and so on to have a multiple delivery packing LIST.


Conclusion: In My small Blog I have provided a construction outlook for a delivery packing list in case of a Business requirement arises for the same and this blog is not intended to provide a ABAP programming statements so that individuals can plan based upon their requirement.

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