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SAP Cloud Platform Transport Layer Security (TLS) Connectivity Support

Many customers have questions regarding the encryption of data in transit. SAP Cloud Platform uses encrypted communication channels based on HTTPS/TLS.

What is TLS?

TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security.” It is a protocol that provides privacy and data integrity between two communicating applications. It’s the most widely deployed security protocol used today, and is used for web browsers and other applications that require data to be securely exchanged over a network. TLS ensures that a connection to a remote endpoint is the intended endpoint through encryption and endpoint identity verification.The protocol is described by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)  in  Requests for Comments (RFCs). It evolves over time to support higher standards.

SAP Cloud Platforms` servers support with beginning of December 2020 only the  TLS 1.2 version of the TLS protocol.

We announce support of the upcomming TLS 1.3 version using the SAP Cloud Platform release notes. It will come in 2021.

In case of problems please read:

SAP Note 2923117 – SAP Cloud Platform NEO – TLS 1.2 Migration – How to address problems with old TLS protocol versions in clients accessing SAP Cloud Platform NEO of SCP



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