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Author's profile photo Sagar Mehta

How to check the UI5 version you have installed


This is a question that’s been ask multiple times where customers would like to understand how to identify the SAPUI5 version installed and what is the patch they are currently executing.


The following Note describes in details the different steps/methods to identify the UI5 version installed.
KBA 2282103 – How to check the version of SAPUI5 you have installed


  1. In the gateway system check the component level for “SAP_UI”
    FES version SAP_UI version SAPUI5 version
    n.a. 7.4 1.28.*
    2 7.5 1.38.*
    3 7.51 1.44.*
    4 7.52 1.52.*
    5 7.53 1.60.*
    6 7.54 1.71.*
    2020 7.55 1.84.*
  2. Use the About section in the FLP:
  3. Use the developer tools delivered by your browser:
    Launch the Fiori Launchpad in google chrome > open the debugger tools (F12) > open the console tab > enter “sap.ui.version”
  4. Use the support tools provided by SAPUI5
    Launch Fiori Launchpad > on the keyboard “Ctrl+Alt+Shft+S”
  5. Use the support tools provided by SAPUI5 (Part 2)
    Launch Fiori Launchpad > on the keyboard “Ctrl+Alt+Shft+P”
  6. Use the URL “http://<server>:<port>/sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5/”

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      Author's profile photo Ram Sharma
      Ram Sharma

      First-On Fiori Launchpad use the key board shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Pto view the library version

      then Copy this url in browser http://<host>:<port>/sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5/index.html replace host and port

      Go to transaction SE80 – ABAP Workbench

      Choose MIME Repository, if you don’t see the option enable it by following the below screen instructions


      Congrats..! Now you know how to check the SAPUI5 library version on ABAP system.





      Author's profile photo Margot Wollny
      Margot Wollny

      Actually the first path you are mentioning is only partially correct as the UI5 versions in the SAP_UI component also depends on Service Pack.

      See for example note 2618605 about SAP Fiori Front End Servere 5.0. There you can read the following line: "SAP_UI 7.53 SP00 contains SAPUI5 1.56.xx ...". SAPUI5 1.60.xx comes with SP02 or higher. Similar with the other SAP_UI components you mentioned (see note 2484979 for FES 4.0, note 2355644 for FES 3.0 and note 2219596 for FES 2.0).

      Author's profile photo Sagar Mehta
      Sagar Mehta
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Margot,

      Thats true. SAP_UI 753 SP00 will bring 1.56.xx & SP02 brings 1.60.xx

      I had omitted this extra detail, since this would mean extra lines for each initial S4 release (for e.g 1709 was originally released on 1.48.xx and then moved to maintenance version 1.52.xx).

      For the sake of simplicity I was sticking to only Maintenance Versions of the UI5 library 🙂

      Thank you for pointing the detail out.

      Author's profile photo Christoph Ostrop
      Christoph Ostrop

      great stuff,  good documentation,

      Thank you very much 🙂


      3. Use the developer tools delivered by your browser (F12)

      delivers only the openUI-version  ( “sap.ui.version” )  1.71.37,

      but not the UI5-onABAP version 1.71.41


      (Build von 18.08.2021 09:10:00)
      (Build von 16.08.2021 09:32:00)
      sap.ui.version     = openUI-version
      sap.ui5.version   did not work
      sap.ui5-onabap  did not work
      Author's profile photo Michael Biermann
      Michael Biermann

      Switch to browser console and use "sap.ui.version"


      -> i.e. '1.100.0'