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Changes for SAP HANA dump analyzer

This blog will track the changes for SAP HANA dump analyzer.

You can get the latest SAP HANA dump analyzer here. The latest HANA dump analyzer is on version 1.0.201910151100,  You can query your SAP HANA dump analyzer version via the following command

java -jar HANADumpAnalyzer.jar -version

Version change info:

Version Updated Date Major Changes
HANADumpAnalyzer 1.0.201910151100 2019-10-15

1.In case the issue is not auto-analyzed, the runtime dump mini check report will be directly provided to end user to have an overview how the HANA system is behaving when the runtime  dump is captured.

2.If the issue is analyzed, the mini check report won’t be provided in the analysis report. It can still be triggered in the expert tab explicitly or with -hc option in command line mode.

HANADumpAnalyzer 1.0.201906061800 2019-06-06

1. Starting from SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03, a new workload auto-tuning feature is introduced: in case of high load to the system, MAX_CONCURRRENCY parameter is automatically adjusted to shrink the capacity for OLAP load. As a result, the system will distribute more capacity to the OLTP transactions and the OLTP load are more preferred to be processed. If the above situation happens and MAX_CONCURRENCY is reduced to a rather small value, the previous version can provide wrong conclusion that HANA is overloaded because wrong configuration of MAX_CONCURRENCY. This version fixed this wrong conclusion and enhanced the workload analyzer to analyze HANA workload even if the workload auto-tuning feature is triggered.

2. Fixed bugs for indexhandle state graph, dotGraph, blocked transactions graph are not working correctly if they are big.

3. Starting with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 04, there is a format change for the system views on [STATISTICS] section in the HANA runtime dump. Due to this change, earlier version of SAP HANA dump analyzer are not working correctly with error message “There is a problem to analyze this dump”. This new version fixed this issue and supports HANA runtime dumps from HANA version lower than HANA 2.0 SPS 04 and above.

HANADumpAnalyzer 1.0.201910151100 2019-10-15

1. Auto analyzing composite OOM is supported.

2. Improved the analysis if no fatal issue is auto-detected from the provided HANA runtime dump.

3. Added Runtime Dump Mini Check feature on the expert mode to provide an overview of the provided HANA runtime.

4. Starting from SAP HANA 2.00.043, the configured value of max_concurrency is available in system view M_JOBEXECUTORS (MAX_CONCURRENCY_CONFIG). In case of a system hang issue with the small value of max_concurrency recorded in the system view M_JOBEXECUTORS_ on the runtime dump, SAP HANA dump analyzer should be able to tell if it’s caused by a wrong configuration or MAX_CONCURRENCY auto-adjusting feature is triggered.

5. Improved error handling when runtime dumps is incomplete.

6. Fixed bugs on flamgraph zoom in/zoom out etc.

HANADumpAnalyzer 1.0.201911261800 2019-11-26 1. Fixed the HANA workload analyzer bug. Fixed wrong conclusion for max_concurrency configuration in some cases when HANA has lower version than lower than HANA 2.0 SP03 or above HANA 2.0 SP04.

Frequent Seen Problems of using SAP HANA dump analyzer

1. In case you are uploading a large HANA runtime dump, the HANA dump analyzer can run into problems like “GC overhead limit exceeded” or error “Java heap space”. You can increase Java heap (e.g. to 1GB) by starting HANA dump analyzer via command:

java -Xmx1G -jar HANADumpAnalyzer.jar
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  • HANA dump analyzer is not able to analyze the dump in HANA 2.0 SP4. Please find the attached image. Looking for your guidance.

    Dump analyzer version..

    D:\Users\SAP_HANA_dump_analyzer>java -jar HANADumpAnalyzer.jar -version
    HANADumpAnalyzer Version 1.0.201906061800


    • Hi Khadar,
      Thanks a lot for providing the feedback. You are using a current version of SAP HANA dump analyzer.
      The popup means the issue is not automatically detected from the runtime dump, you can still manually analyze the runtime dump via the expert mode tab. SAP HANA dump analyzer auto analyzer will trouble shoot system wise issue from the provided runtime dump. If the runtime dump don’t indicates a fatal issue (e.g. OOM, resource bottlenck, locking issue etc.), the issue won’t be auto detected. You can firstly check
      1) Is the provided runtime dump captured when HANA was having critical issue?
      2) Did the end users complain at the time when the runtime dump was captured?
      If the answers to the above questions are no, it is working as expected: The runtime dump was generated when the HANA system was not having an issue. Thus the auto analyzer could not analyze an issue from the provided HANA runtime dump. In case the runtime dump is generated by some automation tool or script (e.g. the HANASitter), please check further how it’s configured and whether it’s configured/worked as expected.
      If the SAP HANA dump analyzer is not working as expected and should find the issue and provide the analysis, please send me the runtime dump via
      Meantime, just let you know I’m also working on improvements to provide more meaningful analysis report if the issue is not auto-analyzed. It should be improved in the next release. You will know the info once it’s released.
      Kind regards,