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Steps to use Web Services in SAP Data Services

In this tutorial you learn how to pull the data from webservices SOAP and load it into a table in SAP Data Services.

  1. Create a Data store to link to the WSDL that calls the Web Service

  1. Double click on the data store and import the functions you wish to call

  1. The first step is to create a data flow to read the information from the Web Service and export it to a table

  1. The source table contains all the information needed to call the WSDL

  1. Create the initial query to pull the source fields as follows

  1. Create the second query as follows make INPUT as current before you pull input fields – you will pass the second schema (INPUT) to the WSDL to pull back the response – as you cannot pass the Query itself

  1. In the next query, right click and select New Function call – select your WSDL function. When it opens, drag the sub-schema with source fields (the schema itself) to the function call.  In this case we drag the INPUT schema to GetHolidaysForMonth.

  1. In the next query, pull the GetHolidaysForMonth schema out and make it un-nest as follows   
  1. In the final query, pull the required fields to output

  1. Finally save & run the job and view the output


Webservices can be called in different ways in BODS, above is the webservices SOAP method which I explained.


Found and copied the below link from google and used the same in BODS which has complete information such as source information and test operations.

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